Friday, January 1, 2016

Kindergarten WIR: BFIAR "Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?"

Silas had a short, three day week this week. I decided to do very simple "row" with him and Titus {3}. I would like to use BFIAR with them both, and I wanted a trial run! We already had the book "Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?", so we started with it.">Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

This book is so cute, and it's one of my boys favorite books. I enjoy reading the simple, sing-songy {is that a word?} words, as well.

We played with our Melissa and Doug Bear Family Dress Up Puzzle {which is the perfect toy for this book!}.

We went outside and smelled the roses {"I'll wear a rose between my toes, a rose in my toes in the morning...}. I let the boys each pick one, and we looked at the thorns on the stem. I pointed out the parts of the flower. Then Silas put it between his toes and brought it up to his nose like Jesse did!

I bought a bag of gummy bears, and we dumped them out on the table. I had the boys group them by color, and then we counted each color. There were 12 yellow, 6 red, 6 green, and 3 orange. Then we divided them up and ate them!

We played with our counting bears and pattern cards, and sorted them into cups by color.

We painted with sponge shapes and talked about the different shapes in the book.

We also played with our shape sorter and talked about colors and less common shapes {hexagon, diamond, pentagon}.
I printed off some tracing and sound recognition worksheets to go along with the book that they boys completed. They did about half of them, so I probably won't do a lot of printables next time.

Silas also reviewed the uppercase letters and lowercase letters he has learned. We learned the "g" and "h" this week, and he made his letter craft {his favorite part of All About Reading!}. We also played a fun game where he had to choose the cards with the correct beginning sound. He did very well on this.

In math, we practiced simple addition with his counting bears. We practiced counting to 30 and writing a few numbers. He worked in his Count and Color For Boys Journal. We are still working on number recognition for 6 and up.

He also worked in some workbooks {he loves workbooks}, colored a ton, used critical thinking to build a working train track, and played with pattern blocks!

We had a great Kindergarten week. I do plan to continue with BFIAR, as both boys loved it!

How was your week?


  1. I saw this on the TOS Crew forum! I LOVE FIAR, so am looking forward to linking up an old post each week.

    1. Thank you so much for linking up! We are new to BFIAR and contemplating FIAR for my 7 year old.

  2. We haven't officially used FIAR, but I have seen that we read many books that are FIAR. We love Jesse Bear! What a great story! Looks like it was a fun week! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

  3. This is our second year using FIAR. I'll be linking up, and I'll link up old posts on weeks I don't share a new row. We haven't really done much from Before, but I'm sure as my preschooler gets a bit older we will enjoy it too!

    1. We have never used FIAR, but we will start in August! We are enjoying BFIAR.

  4. So fun to see you start rowing! I'm glad you had such a great first week! We are on our 7th year of rowing, I can hardly believe it! I opened the B4 link up to add Bo's rows and saw you linked up - thank you! It will be open through the end of Jan. and then I may open it up in a couple months again. It's a pain to have to update it every 30 days but I will leave it up for all those who have linked up in the past.