Thursday, January 21, 2016

52 Lists Project: List the Things You Should Be Proud Of

I've been joining Chasing Slow with the 52 Lists Project. This is the 3rd week, and the List this week is "Things You Should Be Proud Of."

This was a hard list to write, in a way, because there are so many big things I am proud of. I tried to list the every day things that I often overlook, but things that are so important!

The things I am proud of are:

the meals cooked and goodies baked by Mikaela

scriptures memorized by all my kids

efforts put forth by Silas to learn letters and numbers

drawings and doodles produced by Mercie

comics drawn and stories written by Eli

praise songs sung by Titus

prayers from sweet little hearts

Bible Drill skills

cooperation shown

my hard working husband

faith and dedication shown by my missionary parents

my sister, who is applying to medical school in London


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  1. I loved that you focused on the "little" things in your daily life!

  2. Does that mean we may be seeing blog posts about your trips to London if your sister gets accepted there :)

  3. Great list and loved that you looked at the every day things.