Friday, January 1, 2016

Week in Review: Bigger Hearts for His Glory {Unit 15}

As I mentioned earlier this week, Eli and Mercie requested to return to Heart of Dakota's Bigger Hearts for His Glory. So we picked up right where we left off, on Unit 15, and had a great week!

Our Memory Verse was Proverbs 13:13 and our character trait was initiative. This was a great character trait to work on, because we have been talking about taking the initiative when it comes to chores around the house and with personal Bible study.

Our poem this week was "See It Through". It went well with our character trait, initiative, and having the strength to get through troubles. They illustrated their poem.

In History, we read about George Washington and the Revolutionary War. The kids defined vocabulary words {bag (catch), trenches, and hasten}.  They added to their timelines. They also made a map for their notebooks.

Their art activity this week was to cut out a river shape from blue paper, paint white ice chunks in the river, and then "salt paint" streaks in the river. I'm not sure we made our salt paint correctly, because our streaks were more like iceburgs! Then they cut out a canoe from brown paper and used glue thinned with water to glue coffee grounds on the canoe. Lastly, they glued the canoe on the river.

In Science, we read about leaves! We learned why leaves change colors and fall off the trees. We took living and nonliving leaves and examined the differences. We drew the layers of a leaf and learned why each layer is important. We learned about tree rings and drew and labeled the rings on a paper plate.

In grammar, Mercie is identifying nouns and verbs in sentences. Eli has been working on, identifying the subjects, predicates, and parts of speech in sentences.

In math, Mercie worked on mentally subtracting and adding from 100 {100-76, 35 + ? = 100}. Eli worked on Khan Academy, multiplying decimals.

They both continued in Cheerful Cursive and with their personal Bible study.

Mercie also worked in her Fun-Schooling Spelling Journal each day.

It felt a lot different, going from "fun-schooling" to Heart of Dakota again! Not bad, just more structured. The kids really enjoy having me read the books and participate in their activities. They are looking forward to Unit 16 next week! We will work in our journals on Friday, using what we have learned in Bigger.

How was your week?


  1. So many fun activities! I'm teaching Botany at our homeschool co-op and we'll be talking about tree rings this spring. I will have to use the paper plate activity.

    1. They really love all of the activities in HOD. The tree ring paper plate was a great idea!

  2. Hi Megan, Welcome back to HOD. The funschooling journals look like so much fun, but it's good to know that you missed the structure. It keeps me feeling more content with our choice. :) I enjoyed reading your week. We're on the same week so we just did the river activity, too. I wasn't sure it turned out correct, but it looks like yours. :)
    Suzanna from

    1. The journals are A LOT of fun. We are glad to be back with HOD, though. We have actually been combining the journals with Bigger and its working out great. The river activity was a little confusing, but I guess we did it okay!!

    2. I've been thinking about getting my son the spelling journal. I think he'd really enjoy that instead of the spelling he's doing (or not doing sometimes :( )

  3. We are excited to be back with HOD ourselves, but we are taking it slowly.