Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Thinking Tree Thursday: Bible Time Kids

Today, I'm going to give a short review on this Bible Time Kids Devotional Journal & Coloring Book by Sarah Janisse Brown.
Mercie {7} and Eli {10} each have one of these journals they use every day for their quiet time with God.
There are pages with room to list the book, chapter and verses read that day. Then there is space to write "Today's Special Bible Verse" {something important from the passage they read}, "I Am Thankful For", "Prayer List" and "Plans & Goals".
Next to these pages are coloring pages with a scripture passage and a thought-provoking question from that passage. Mercie uses these pages a guide that shows her what to read each day. Then, she fills out the Bible Passage page from those scriptures. Eli has his own reading plan, so he just colors these pictures.
There are also these pages:
There is are things to write in these shapes, such as "Memories to Keep", "I want to change", and "I am thankful for".
These Bible Time Kids Devotions are great for younger kids to keep a daily journal and keep them accountable to read scripture. They are good to take to church to help keep your kids focused.
They are priced at $12.50 on Amazon, which is a great price!
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  1. Hi, Megan, thank you for linking up.

    I hope to get Ethan using this journal very soon!!!

  2. I have this on my wish list for my 7yo! I am hoping to get it soon!