Saturday, January 16, 2016

7th Grade Week in Review: Jan. 11-15, 2016

This week, Mikaela worked on Khan Academy every day. She requested an actual textbook and workbook for math, so after some research, I ordered her The Principals of Mathematics, which is a math book from a Christian perspective. As soon as it gets here, she will begin working in it!
She worked in her Easy Grammar and Daily Grams, as well as her Spelling Time Journal, daily. She did a lot of review of predicate nouns and adjectives.

In science, she read about the planets and the earth's rotation. She drew some pictures and wrote some interesting facts in her Fun-Schooling Journal.

In history, she learned about the Oregon Trail and the difficulties the pioneers faced traveling westward. She is also reading "Bound for Oregon" as part of the literature portion of America the Beautiful. She mapped the Oregon Trail and filled in her timeline.

She has been working on her jewelry and started making these adorable tassel key-chains. We are going to add them to her page {KKs Korner  - look at the top of my blog for her page} soon. Check it out - there are so many cute necklaces she hand crafts.

She has been reading "The Scorch Trials" in her spare time and loves it. She thinks the books are much better than the movies {they are!}, but she still loves the movies.

She has also added some recipes to her Do-It-Yourself Cooking Tips and Ideas book and played around with her Chocolate Pen, making some cute chocolate molds.

 How was your week?