Friday, January 15, 2016

BFIAR: The ABC Bunny & Link Up">Abc Bunny (Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage)
This week, Silas, Titus and I rowed the book "The ABC Bunny" by Wanda Gag. We really enjoyed reading this book, and since Silas has learned all {and memorized most} of his uppercase alphabet, it was a great review! {Silas is 5 and Titus is 3.}
On Monday, we read the book and talked about what a "gale" and "hail" were. We then made "rain in a glass"! I filled a glass with water, sprayed shaving cream on the top, and Silas dropped "rain" {water colored with blue food coloring} on the cloud. When the cloud got heavy enough, it "rained!" He thought that was the neatest thing!
We also read the story of Creation in his Bible storybook. We made a simple creation chart by dividing a paper into six squares, writing the numbers 1-6 in them, and drawing what God made each day.

On Tuesday, we talked about the insects in the book {and some that weren't in the book!}. We made an ABC snail with stickers and googly eyes {because who doesn't like googly eyes?}.
 Then, we worked our Melissa and Doug insect puzzle. It's a little simple for Silas, who is 5, but he and Titus both had fun naming the insects and working the puzzle. 
 On Wednesday, we talked about the different animals in the book. I found a printable that had all the animals in the book on it. We read the book, and he looked for the animals {I let him hold the paper with the pictures}. Then, he wanted to cut and glue them to another page, which is what he did!
On Thursday, we read the book again. We also read "Bunnie's ABC's", a Golden Book. It had different animals for each letter, and he really liked this book. It went along great with the ABC Bunny. Then, I had him use our alphabet stamps to stamp the ABCs in order around the edge of the paper. He colored, cut and glued a bunny to the center.
On Friday, we will read the book and hop like bunnies!. We will review our ABC's, the six days of creation, and the animals we learned about in the book.
This was a cute book and a fun row to do!
In math, he practiced simple addition and number bonds. He also used his Count and Color for Boys to review how to write some numbers.
In All About Reading, he learned the letters "m", "n", "o", and "p". We practiced matching the uppercase and lowercase letters. He used our pattern blocks and alphabet cards to make the letters.
We had a great Before Five in a Row week! How was your week?
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Thank you for linking up last week! I can't wait to read this week's link ups!



  1. I've linked up our past row of the ABC Bunny. I fondly remember it as one of our favorite rows.

    Looks like you enjoyed it, too!

    1. Thanks for linking up! This was a fun row!

  2. That rain cloud looks cute! I've linked up our ABC Bunny post too. It's one of the only other Before rows we've done so far.

    1. The boys loved watching it "rain"! Thanks for linking up!!