Friday, January 15, 2016

HOD: Bigger Hearts for His Glory: Unit 17

We completed Unit 17 in Bigger Hearts for His Glory this week. Mercie is in 2nd grade, and Eli is in 5th grade. Here is our week in review.

In history this week, we read about Daniel Boone. The kids really like listening to the crazy stories about his life in the wilderness. We wrote a little about his life and drew a picture of him swinging from a grapevine {which is how he escaped from Indians once}. As you can see, we used our journals for some of this!

They defined vocabulary words, added to their timeline and made a notebook page.

In science, we read about the parts of a root and made a notebooking page. We also used our journals to draw pictures of bacteria and parasites that eat dead wood, draw a squirrel and do some copy-work.

Our poem was called "Under the Trees", and the kids illustrated it.

Mercie worked on addition and subtraction in math, and Eli worked on Khan Academy on several different math concepts. He likes skipping around, and he is doing great in math, so I let him work on whatever he feels like.

Mercie worked on nouns and verbs in grammar and her Fun-Schooling Spelling book. Eli worked on IXL, and had some spelling pages in his journal.

They both work on Cheerful Cursive several times a week and are really doing well.

Eli got his Bible Journal in, and he and Mercie worked in those. I really like these journals, because they have room to write verse, prayer requests, things you are thankful for, and pictures to color and read the scriptures. It gives them room to think and ask questions.


Next week, Mercie and I will be using Five in a Row. Eli will continue in Bigger Hearts. He is doing great, but she is bored with it. She is on the young side of the placement for the guide, and I feel like she is competition with Eli {who is 3 grades above her} every day. He doesn't have as much difficulty as she does because he is older, and I feel like he could expand on some subjects. I don't want her to feel like she's always trying to compete with him, and I really want her to enjoy schoolwork. I explained to her what FIAR would be like, and she was so enthusiastic that I ordered it.

Eli, Mercie, and Silas had karate Monday and Wednesday. Eli and Mercie got two green stripes on their white belts! Eli and Mikaela had Bible Drill this week, and Mercie, Silas and Titus had Team Kid. We had a fun and busy week that flew by way to quickly.

How was your week?



  1. Looks like a productive week! I love the journals. We have been using journals as well this year. It has really helped keep us organized. Thanks for sharing with the Parent Teacher Meet-up :)

    1. Thank you! I love using these journals (probably more than my kids do, ha-ha)!