Friday, January 29, 2016

FIAR: Grandfather's Journey & Link-Up

This week in Five in a Row, Mercie and I read the book "Grandfather's Journey" by Allen Say.

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This was a beautifully illustrated book that we enjoyed reading each day.
On Monday, we talked about Japan. We read about Japan in Children Around the World. Mercie colored the flag and map of Japan, placing a star sticker where the capital, Tokyo, is. We also located Japan on her Asia map, colored it, and wrote "Grandfather's Journey" beside it.

On Tuesday, Mercie defined her vocabulary words {steamship, songbirds, and homeland}. We talked about how they were all three compound words.

On Wednesday, we talked about landforms since many are mentioned in the book. I printed out some worksheets from and she made a little landforms flip page.

 On Thursday, Mercie colored the parts of a bird and made a bird feeder from a tin can and some yarn. We hung it in the yard with some birdseed in it.
On Friday, we talked about the Five Essential Parts of a Story and did a worksheet. She really understood what we were talking about and had some great answers.
We also tried our hand at some simple origami. We made dogs, cats, fish, and frogs.

It was a fun week, and I tried not to do too much. Sometimes it's easy to over plan but I just picked the projects that I knew she would enjoy and that would benefit her.
The featured post from last week was:
stopping by woods
Thanks for linking up last week, and I can't wait to read the FIAR posts from this week!



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  1. This was one of our first rows, and one of my oldest son's favorites. He still talks about Grandfather! :)