Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fun-School Spelling Journal by the Thinking Tree {Review}

It's no secret that my family loves the journals available through the Thinking Tree. Sarah Janisse Brown has created some amazing resources for homeschooling. While we have decided to return to our homeschool curriculum, we are still going to be utilizing a lot of these journals.

One of the journals my 2nd grader, Mercie, will be using daily is the Fun-Schooling Spelling Journal. This journal is for children ages 5 and up, but I would use it for a child who is writing and reading on at least a 1st grade level.">Fun-Schooling Spelling Journal - Ages 5 and Up: Teach Your Child to Read, Write and Spell (Homeschooling for Beginners) (Volume 3)

There are 180 pages of fun activities in this journal. Here is an example of each activity:

On this page, Mercie colors the picture on the left, and on the right side she has to find 10 words with a certain number of letters. She can look at cereal boxes, movie cases, books, magazines, anything to find the words. Then she was instructed to draw something. There are many pages like this with different pictures.

On this page, she had to write one word for each letter on the left page. I instructed her to use words she could find in the Bible. She wrote angel, Bethlehem, camel, donkey, Esther, fishing, God, heaven and injured.

There are several pages to draw your own comics. She hasn't gotten to these yet.

On these pages, she had to spell five words that could describe the picture on the left. Then, she colored the picture.
I plan to use some of these with grammar concepts. For example, on this page I will have her write five adjectives that could describe the mittens {soft, striped, fluffy, etc}.

There are several pages like this. She will write a short story about the pictures. She hasn't completed one of these, yet, either.

On this page, she will have to use every letter in the alphabet in only ten words. I'm sure I will have to help her with this, but it looks fun.

This Fun-Schooling Spelling Journal is a great way to learn how to spell. Mercie wants to work in this journal first thing every morning. I let her choose her own page for the day, which she likes. It's such a fun addition to school, and it doesn't feel like "school work".

This journal is only $24 on Amazon! It's a full year of daily spelling practice, not to mention some writing, coloring and drawing, as well. We plan to continue to use this every day.



  1. I keep being drawn to your posts on all these wonderful journals... think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and buy one; that's the only way to really know if my kids will like them as much as I think they will!

    1. They are pretty great journals! And they aren't expensive - around $30 for 12 weeks of pages! And the Fun Schooling Spelling Journal is only $24.

  2. I can't wait for my boys to start these. They are still going through Dyslexia Games so it won't be for another month :(