Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Blogging Through the Alphabet - G is for Games!

We are on Week 7 of Blogging Through the Alphabet, and G is for GAMES!

My children love board games! I thought I would share some of our favorite board games, and I am even going to break them down into age categories!

Toddler-Preschool {pre-reading}:

I know I have mentioned this game before, but it really is one of the best games I have found for the toddler/preschool age group. There is no reading required, no competition, and no winners or losers. It's called Roll & Play from ThinkFun! You simply roll the dice, pick a card of the same color, and follow the instructions on the card! There are cards where you make faces, find something of a certain color, make an animal noise, and find shapes! It's a great, fun game and my kids always love to play it.">Thinkfun Roll and Play Board Game
Ages 5-8:
My daughter and son love this Dora Carnival Fiesta Game! There are 6 carnival games you set up, like a ring toss and milk bottles to knock over. When you "win" a carnival game, you get a ticket. When all tickets have been distributed, you work together to put the puzzle together! There's not a lot of competition, since you work together at the end to work the puzzle.">Dora the Explorer Carnival Fiesta Game

Ages 9-12:

Clue is such a fun game to play! My kids and I love to play "detective" and figure out who killer was, what his weapon was, and in what room was the murder committed! {Sounds a little violent, but it's not!} This was one of my favorite games as a kid, and I was glad to introduce my kids to it.">Clue Board Game, 2013 Edition

Ages 13 and up:

My oldest is 13, but I included a few games I like to play, as well.

Monopoly Empire is the best version of Monopoly {in my opinion!}. The game is quick, as you add "billboards" to a "tower" when you buy them. The first player to fill their tower wins! The game takes around 15-30 minutes to play for us!">Monopoly Empire Game
Taboo was my second favorite game as a child, and I have yet to buy it for my kids! I'm thinking Santa may bring it this year. It's unspeakable fun, as the box says! You have a secret word that your teammates have to guess in a certain amount of time. BUT, you also have a list of "taboo" words you can't say to describe it. The opposite team has the list of words, and if you use one, they buzz the buzzer and you lose the word!">Taboo Board Game

There are many other classic games we enjoy playing - Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Candy Land, and Uno, to name a few! This next year, I am hoping to establish a family game night weekly, complete with popcorn, sodas, and maybe ice cream! My kids don't have video games, so board games really appeal to them!

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  1. We love playing games! ...and this is a reminder that I need to get my "g" post up soon. I'm late this week.

  2. We always had fun playing games when y'all were little. It's a lost art anymore!

  3. We've been playing a lot of games this last week as we lead up to Christmas, and we're enjoying them, too. We love Ticket to Ride and Disney Scene-It. My oldest also loves Riskopoly (a combination of Risk and Monopoly together, and, no, that doesn't make it a shorter game!).

    1. You may be playing a lot of games next week, too. I know there's at least a few that I've wrapped to go under the Christmas tree. :)

  4. I love reading other people's lists of favorite games because I either find new ones to play or remember ones that we have forgotten about. I need to find where I put our Scrabble game and see if Taboo is at our house or my parents' house.