Friday, December 11, 2015

Week in Review: December 7 - December 11, 2015

What a week! We are finally home. We left Ohio Saturday afternoon and arrived home Sunday afternoon! The kids were so happy to be home! Rod and I were pretty excited, too!

We took Monday through Wednesday off of school so we could visit with family and friends. We did school Thursday and Friday!

Mikaela worked in her Do It Yourself Journal and Spelling Time book. She read some books we had around the house - Wolves, Creepy Creatures, Pandas, and the Kid's Guide to American History {which is an amazing history book from a Christian perspective!} For math, she worked on finding angles on Khan Academy. She really likes doing math this way! She also did a few pages in Easy Grammar and Daily Grams. She started a photography class on and loves it so far!

My mom took Mikaela and a friend to see the Mockingjay part 2 on Thursday night for her birthday! They had a blast. {No pictures! Boo!}

Eli worked in his Library Based Curriculum Journal. He read some books on Benjamin Franklin, survival guides, How to Draw, Rachel Carsen, and all about animals. For math, he decided to work on Khan Academy this week, and he really enjoyed it. He review complex sentences, independent and dependent clauses, and relative pronouns and adjectives in grammar. He started a class called Tinkering on and made a cardboard car.

Mercie worked in her Creative Girls Journal and her Spelling Fun journal. She read books on volcanoes, rocks, the human body, why we eat, and trees. She also worked on Khan Academy in math. She learned about collective nouns this week. She started an art class on, learned about Michelangelo and painted a picture upside down!

Silas worked in his Fun-Schooling Journal and in Dyslexia Games, series A. We also worked a few pages in his Count and Color Journal and practiced counting to 30. We learned the letter "f" in All About Reading and reviewed all of the uppercase letters and the lowercase letters "a" - "f" by stamping them! He also practiced writing F's and G's and worked a few pages in his thinking skills workbook.

We had a great week, although we were busy almost every day! We have a birthday party tonight for my niece and nephew, and then another one tomorrow for Eli's friends {twins!}. So we haven't slowed down yet, but that's okay for now!

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  1. Yay for answered prayers to safe travels!!! Enjoy being home :)