Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Teaching Kids About Money with Buck Academy - TOS Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.
Buck Academy

Teaching kids about money is an important life skill but finding a book or program geared toward children isn't easy. Most personal finance books are written for high schoolers and adults. Buck Academy offers books on the basics of money and bank accounts for children as young as five years old. I received Buck First Bank Account to read and review with my children. 

Buck First Bank Account is a short 25-page paperback book on the types of bank accounts available and which one would be best for you. It breaks down what a checking account, savings account, and debit card are into simple concepts. This book also talks about saving, spending, and giving money. The graphics are cute and colorful, making the information easy to understand.

In the back of the book there is a glossary of terms and a Bank Account Comparison and Assessment chart. You and your child can compare up to three different banks to see which one has the best benefits and will fit your child the best. 

My 12-year-old son, Silas, read this book in about five minutes the day we got it. He was very interested in the different types of accounts, and I felt like he learned some new things from this book. He is a saver, and I think he would like to have a savings account where he could see the amount increase with every deposit. 

My almost 10-year-old son, Titus, also learned about bank accounts and what kind of account he would be interested in opening when he gets a job. He is a spender, so he needs to learn how to save more money! Maybe opening a savings account would help him to see his balance increase when he saved money instead of always wondering where his money goes! Opening a checking account would not be a good thing for him, because he would spend it too quickly.

There are other books in this series including:

Buck Making Cents

Quick Cents to a Buck

Baby Buck, How Much Am I?

These books are offered individually or as sets. They also offer fun oversized cards with pockets for holding money and coins and money lesson booklets. These would be a really fun birthday present for any kid!

Check out Buck Academy if you're looking to introduce your child to the basics of money and money management. Click the banner below to see what the other Crew Members thought of Buck First Bank Account

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  1. Nice to see a product like this for young ones!

  2. I love the questions and checklist at the end. Very helpful!

    1. Definitely if your child wants to open an account, too!