Monday, January 23, 2017

Week in Review, 1/16-1/20

Last week, Mercie completed Unit 19 in Bigger Hearts for His Glory, Silas completed Unit 2 in Little Hearts for His Glory, and Titus finished most of Unit 1 in Little Hands to Heaven. Mikaela and Eli completed days 29-32 in Bob Jones Distance Learning.

Silas has really taken off in The Reading Lesson. He is almost through with chapter 4. I am so impressed and encouraged, because reading has been such a struggle for my little man. He is also excited that he is reading sentences and short stories now.

Mercie has been using Times Tales to solidify her multiplication facts. She is having such trouble with them, but two days of Times Tales has helped quite a bit.

We are using The Pioneer Sampler for science now, and it is wonderful! We love the stories and the simple activities. Last week, we learned about how to make maple syrup and sugar from tapping trees. The activity was to fill two plastic cups with the same amount of water, but add two spoons of sugar to one and stir it until it dissolved. We put them in the freezer for an hour. After an hour, we took them out to discover that the one with sugar was still slushy, while the one with just water was frozen. This showed us how the maple in the trees acts as an "antifreeze" for the trees. Interesting!

We took off Friday from school because we were packing and cleaning the house. We left Saturday morning headed to Alabama, and we arrived Saturday evening. We got settled in the condo we are renting, went to the grocery store and bought food and a few things we needed, and then relaxed and watched some TV!

The condo is nice. There is a playground, a swimming pool, and it's right on Lake Martin. We went fishing today for a little while, but the wind is so cool that we couldn't stay out long.

This is a short week-in-review, but I'm exhausted from the weekend! Have a great week!


  1. My boys loved A Pioneer Sampler too! That's such a fantastic book. I've heard The Reading Lesson is really great too!

    1. They are both wonderful! We both look forward to reading the Pioneer Sampler each day.

  2. I'm so glad Silas is taking off with his reading - it's such a wonderful feeling! Eliana and Malachi didn't take off until the middle of first grade and I remember feeling so encouraged and happy when they did.

    And ditto on A Pioneer Sampler - it was the only book I couldn't part with when I sold my Bigger set. :)

    1. It is a relief! Having taught three kids to read, you would think I would be more confident. But no, I was all "he's never going to learn!!" I'm glad he has proven me wrong. :-)