Wednesday, January 25, 2017

B: Boys

Growing up, I only had sisters. My closest friends growing up only had sisters. Now, my sister and I both have three boys! My mom, who never had a son, now has six grandsons. And, let me tell you, boys were something new to us all! My husband, on the other hand, has three brothers; plus, he's a boy, so boys were nothing new to him.

Here are a few facts about boys that I have learned over the past 11 years:

  • Boys are loud.
  • Boys are messy.
  • Boys are always hurting themselves.
  • Boys are dangerous!
  • Boys have no fear.
  • Boys give the best hugs.
  • Boys make me laugh at things I never would have thought would be funny, like farts and burps and other bodily functions.
  • Boys have imaginations.
  • Boys are competitive.
  • Boys are goofy.
My boys are Eli, who is 11; Silas, who is 6; and Titus, who is 4. These boys are always outside doing things - riding bikes and scooters, building things, exploring, and getting hurt. They are always making things with Legos, shooting each other with pretend guns, pretending to be a Jedi, and flipping off my furniture. They think SpongeBob is quality television, farting is funny, and they are Little Joe and Adam from Bonanza. They eat me out of house and home, are constantly tearing holes in their blue jeans, and want to fix anything that's broken (especially if they broke it). They are always trying to beat me in board games, races, and anything they can turn into a competition. They are always toting around tool boxes, tackle boxes, and BB guns.
These are the kinds of pictures I find on my camera - from BOYS.
Eli  and his first deer.
Dressed up for church, and not happy about it.
Eli fishing here in Alabama.
Titus and Silas goofing off in their room.
Silas and Titus working in the yard - digging holes.
Titus and his toolbox.

I love my boys! They have opened a whole new world for me - an exciting, imaginative, and colorful world. I am so thankful that God has chosen to give me 3 wonderful sons.

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  1. Life with boys is so fun. I wouldn't trade my two for anything. Blessings!

    1. Me, either! They keep my life from being too dull.

  2. Having one boy I can tell you they are great!

  3. Boys are an adventure wrapped in warm hugs! I love them and worry for them just the same! Thank you for joining us in Blogging Through the Alphabet!!

  4. Yes! They are always getting hurt!! When my boys were in 1st and 2nd grade and I remember talking to a mom about ER visits; she thought I was one of those moms who panicked and brought my kids all the time but I explained it best by stating "oh, honey, you have girls!" Stitches, broken arms, and fishing hooks in the hand are all part of life with boys; or so I have learned. The Doctor's don't even bat an eye when my boys explained what they did or why... and if it's a male doctor they're usually nodding along and laughing then telling a very similar story about when they were boys!

    1. We haven't had too mamybER visits thankfully, but it seems someone is always coming to me crying or bleeding...

  5. Oh how I know all too well about boys! A friend of mine had 3 daughters and then had a 4th who was a son. She took the son to the doctor and asked what in the world was wrong with him. The doctor said "He's a boy." Ha!

  6. I love my boys! My daughter keeps us balanced!

    1. Yes, I'm thankful I have two daughters to help balance the woman's influence in our home!