Friday, January 13, 2017

Little Hearts for His Glory - Unit 1

This week, Silas started back using Little Hearts for His Glory. We started in the beginning on unit 1 instead of picking up where we left off. I figured he wouldn't remember anything, and he needs to work on the skills taught from the beginning of the program. It builds on itself, and I didn't want him to miss anything. He had a great week, and he enjoyed Little Hearts so much more this go-round.

In history, we started reading the book "History for Little Pilgrims". Silas learned what history is and when it began. We talked about the creation of the world, when our human history began. He made this collage by tearing blue and brown paper into pieces and gluing them into a mosaic. He then drew and cut out a cross to put in the middle of paper to remind him that Jesus is the center of history.
(He lost his third tooth this week, another bottom one. Those top teeth are hanging on tight.)

We started a timeline. I cut a poster-board in half and stapled it together in the middle. He drew a cross in the center because Jesus is the center of history. He drew an earth on the left side, since that's the beginning of history, and he drew clouds on the right side, since Jesus's return will be the end of history.

We talked about the earth, and I introduced the concept of continents and oceans to him. He loved tearing the paper for the cross mosaic so much, I had him tear blue and green paper and glue them on a circle for the world. He then copied "God made the world" on his paper.
(He was being goofy. He and Titus have a new favorite TV show - Bonanza! They play Bonanza all the time, and try to find outfits to match their favorite character. Silas wants to be Adam Cartwright, and he found an orange button up and a black vest from a suit, and paired with his cowboy hat, he looks like Adam. He has his wooden pop gun, and they ride their horses - the arms of my couch - while watching the show. It's so funny.)

We did a fun rhyme called "God's Creation". We leaped, galloped, and hopped to the different continents.

We played "Adam says", a variation of "Simon says", and he had to move like animals. I would say "Adam says slither like a snake", "Adam says hop like a kangaroo" or "Adam says fly like a bird". We read about animals in his science book.

We read 5 chapters in "Reddy Fox". When we tried the program last year, he wasn't interested in the story. Now, however, he listens intently and can answer questions. He even asks to read "Reddy Fox".

I picked up "The Reading Lesson" (TRL), which we had started  before and quit when it was too much for him. We didn't get past the second chapter last time. Now, we are in the middle of chapter three in only five days, and he is doing wonderful.
For handwriting each day, I had him write his full name along with some words and short sentences he is learning in TRL. He does great with copy-work and dictation! I think he has an easier time spelling words than reading them.

He continued working in Math Mammoth on addition. He loves addition and is really good at it. He got to practice with number lines, which was a new concept.

We read a few devotions in "Devotions for the Children's Hour" and talked about how God made us for a special reason. We talked about how important it is to learn about God. Next week, I will make him memorize the scripture and listen to the CD.

I'm looking forward to unit 2 next week!


  1. Ok, he is just too cute. I love the handwriting of little kids. Looks like a great first week!

    1. Thank you! He is a silly boy, for sure. I love his handwriting, too!

  2. Brings back fond memories with HOD! I miss it, but I am actually relieved that MFW is working beautifully to keep both my girls learning together.

    I hope that you find joy!

    1. When we find something that works, we should for sure stick with it! I enjoyed reading about your weeks with ECC so far.