Friday, January 13, 2017

Bigger Hearts for His Glory - Unit 18

Mercie picked up in Bigger Hearts for His Glory (Heart of Dakota) right where she left off last year, on Unit 18. She had such a fun week and looked forward to school each day.

In history, we read about Robert Fulton and his inventions. He made the first steamboat that actually worked. As a child, his nickname was Quicksilver Bob because he once bought some quicksilver (mercury) for an experiment. She gets to choose one word to define for vocabulary, and she chose "quicksilver". She wanted to know what mercury looked like, so we did a Google images search, and she drew a picture on her vocabulary page.

She used a plastic fork to paint 'fireworks' on a piece of paper, because Robert Fulton once made his own Roman candles for the Fourth of July. This was a lot of fun! She wrote a sentence about Robert Fulton on this once it dried.

She was excited to add "Robert Fulton 1765-1815" to her timeline.

She also made a Notebooking page that told facts about the invention of the steamboat.

In science, we finished up the One Small Square: Woods book. We compared the wingspan of six different owls by measuring and cutting yarn. Then we measured her arm span and compared it to the owls!

We also used straws to see how an insect sees things with its compound eyes.

She made a Notebooking page with funguses and plants and learned that fungus can't make its own food while plants can.

Her poem this week was "The Harbor". She illustrated it with a cute steamboat and we talked about onomatopoeias. She had fun reading the poem with feeling. She had it memorized by today!

She memorized Proverbs 19:21 this week - "A man can make many plans, but the Lord's purpose will prevail." (NLT) We learned about the character trait optimism.

She picked right up in Rod and Staff grammar 2, learning about adjectives. I forget how wonderful this grammar book really is! We do most of the pages orally, but I have her write down one exercise in her composition book. It's usually around 5-10 sentences or phrases.

In math, she learned how to multiply and divide by 4, reviewed clocks, addition with carrying and subtraction with borrowing, and finding the perimeter of a square.

She continued reading "The Mouse and the Motorcycle". I may start Drawn into the Heart of Reading with her - I spotted it in my storage building this week and can't quit wanting to go back and get it!

I found this picture she had taken on my phone of her bed and her stuffed animals and doll. She got the unicorn last year for Christmas, and she still loves it! The thing is bigger than she is, but she sleeps with it every night.

How was your week?


  1. Oh my goodness! This all makes me smile and remember our sweet times in Bigger too. I love all the biographies that are read throughout HOD. It really helped us to really get to know some of the people throughout history.

    1. Mercie really enjoys biographies, so Bigger will be perfect for her!

  2. Looks like smiles and fun! You make it tempting to go back, but I am very content right now :)

    1. We are so glad we came back, and I'm glad MFW is working well for your family!