Friday, July 22, 2016

Weekly Recap #8

We completed week 2 of school for Mikaela and Eli, and week 4 of school for Mercie, Silas and Titus this week. We had quite a busy week, though! Mikaela, Eli and Mercie had swimming lessons from 11:00-11:30 each day this week, and we went to the pool several times in the afternoon. Silas and I both got haircuts, and Titus and Silas made a trip to the dentist for a cleaning. We also made a trip to the library and several trips to the grocery store!


In Story of the World, Mercie and Silas learned about Sargon and his kingdom, Abraham and Joseph. They did several mapping activities, coloring pages and colored a comic book {all from the Activity Book}. We were supposed to make a Sumerian Seal from air-dry clay, but we didn't get around to it with all of the busy-ness!

In Foundations, we read chapters 3 and 4 in Matthew, had some great discussion, and played Bible drills.

Mikaela {8th grade}:
  • She completed a poetry unit in Learning Language Arts Through Literature. She had to write several different types of poems, and she did a great job!
  • In Writers in Residence, she is still working on her Investigation unit. She is asking all sorts of questions about my childhood, my parents and grandparents. It should be an interesting final project!
  • She completed 5 lessons in Principals of Mathematics.
  • In America the Beautiful, she read about Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, Thomas Edison, Chicago and more. She completed mapping exercises and timeline entries, as well as working in her Student Workbook. We didn't do the Family Activity this week.
  • In Science, she read about the main branches of oceanography and completed the worksheets in the PLP {Masterbooks, Intro to Oceanography and Ecology}.
  • She worked on Rosetta Stone and is on Lesson 2.
  • She practiced typing on Typing Instructor.
  • She cooked chicken enchiladas for dinner one night this week and baked brownie cookie bars.
  • She has been cleaning our neighbor's trailer for $25 a week.

Eli {6th grade};
  • He completed Lesson 5 in Learning Language Arts Through Literature - adverbs, compound words, and how to write and punctuate a letter.
  • In Writers in Residence, he is working on his memories unit.
  • On Khan Academy, he has completed 20% of the 6th grade level.
  • In Science, he learned the main components of weather and completed the worksheet in his PLP {Masterbooks, Intro to Meteorology and Astronomy}.
  • In America the Beautiful, he read about Leif Erikson, Christopher Columbus, Native Americans, and St. Augustine, as well as completing timeline entries and mapping activities.
  • In Rosetta Stone, he finishing Lesson 1.
  • He worked on his typing on Typing Instructor.
  • He cleaned out three cars this week and earned $55.

Mercie {3rd grade}:
  • She completed Lesson 8 in Learning Language Arts Through Literature.
  • She did 3 lessons in WriteShop and wrote a story titled "Going to Church on Sunday".
  • In math, she worked on numbers into the hundred thousands, greater than and less than with numbers in the hundreds, and reviewed several concepts.
  • She worked on Typing Instructor.
  • She read for 10 minutes a day.
Silas {1st grade}:
  • Silas started a new program {a review item} called Jolly Phonics, and he is loving it. We completed 6 lessons this week, and now he is blending words such as "tip, tap, tin, pat, sip" and more.
  • He worked on addition facts in math up to 5.
  • We played a memory game with the numbers 1-10.
  • He worked on Reading Eggs, even though he started a new phonics program. He loves Reading Eggs and completed 3 lessons this week.

Titus {preschool}:
  • We took a review week. We played games with the numbers 1-3 and A,B, and C.
  • He practiced patterns with counting bears.
  • He worked in his Counting with Numbers workbook, reviewing 1, 2, and 3.
  • He colored and played around with paper and scissors.

Next week, the younger kids will be adding Apologia Astronomy {a review item} for science, which I am really excited about.

How was your week?


  1. Sounds like a great week! We start in 3 weeks, and it seems crazy to be done with summer. I hope I can knock the rust off and start the new year off right!

  2. What a busy and very accomplished week. Way to go mama! I need to get going too. I've been so out of it lately.

    1. Thank you! I like feeling like we have accomplished something each week.