Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Middle Schoolers Making Money {Junior High Junction}

If your middle-school aged kids are anything like mine, they are always looking for ways to make money! I think it's a great thing that my two oldest kids are so interested in earning money - not because I want to raise greedy little adults who think money is the most important thing ever, but because it takes money to live. Earning money will hopefully be something that motivates them to do their best work, to learn how to save and budget for things they want, and to teach them that earning money is hard work!
Mikaela, 13, and Eli, 11, have found a few jobs they can do this summer to make some money right here in our park. Mikaela has been cleaning our neighbor's trailer once a week while he is working for about $25 a week. She washes dishes, sweeps, cleans cabinets and tidies up. Cleaning bathrooms and refrigerators are extra. She is hoping to pick up a few more trailers a week. Eli has decided to start cleaning out people's vehicles for $20. We have a Shop-Vac, so he will vacuum the carpets, wipe down the windows and seats, and wash off the mats. He has already done one vehicle, has another one to do today, and is hoping to have several more in the coming weeks. They are also going to watch the kids in the trailer park while the moms have a Bible study. The moms have offered to pay a little bit, and that is motivating for them! Mikaela has made money in the past walking dogs and baby-sitting, and they have both sold items on eBay.

Here is a list of jobs your pre-teen and teens may be able to earn money doing:
  • washing cars
  • cleaning cars out
  • baby-sitting
  • mowing the yard
  • cleaning houses
  • walking dogs
  • weeding a garden
  • laundry
  • baking and selling brownies or cookies
  • helping a mom grocery shop
  • selling hand-made goods {jewelry, crocheted items, paintings, or wood-work}
  • being a mother's helper
  • organizing
  • garage sales
  • selling on eBay
  • power-washing houses or porches
How have your teens made money?

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  1. Good luck to them! Hope they are able to be super successful at these endeavors. - Lori