Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Middle School Checklists {Junior High Junction}

With two kids now in middle school - one in 8th grade, and the other in 6th grade - I have decided to do a few things differently. Having a schedule for them to follow each day is one thing I have implemented this school year. They each have a 3-prong folder with 36 weekly schedules inside.

By schedule, I don't mean a strict, to-the-minute itinerary each day. I have created each of them a weekly checklist to use. This weekly checklist includes each subject they must complete each day, along with a checklist for things like personal hygiene, quiet time, and chores. {I find my middle school age kids need reminders to put on deodorant and brush their teeth without being embarrassed when I mention it.}
On their weekly schedule, I have included the following subjects:
  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • History
  • Science
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Spanish
  • Typing

They don't do every subject every day - for example, science is 3 times a week - but they just put an X in the box if they don't have to complete it that day. A check goes in the box when they do complete it.

I have also included the following under the category of habits:
  • Quiet Time
  • Memory
  • Personal Care
  • Clean Room
  • Chores
Also on the checklist is a reading log with room for the book title, number of pages and date completed. I have this because my kids read so many books that I can't keep track of them all! This way, at the end of the year, I can compile a list of every book they read in a year.

There  is also space for their memory verse, which we are using from Foundations 2: Christ our Messiah Bible curriculum. Having them write their memory verse on this page insures that when they see the Memory row to check off, they will study their verse for a few minutes. It makes it easier than hunting for an index card or searching in the Bible. Plus, I want us all to memorize the verse in the New Living Translation {my absolute favorite Bible translation} so we can play games and help each other memorize it.

Having the kids use this Weekly Checklist has been so helpful. There is no more "What do I do next?" or "I forgot to do Spanish today!" Until they have checked off every item from that list, they can't watch TV or go outside or do anything.

This gives me plenty of time to work with my little ones, who really need my focus this year. {This is why I have moved my two older children to independent school work instead of the family learning we have done in the past.}

How do you make sure your middle-schooler gets all of his work completed each day?

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  1. I'm hoping to set something similar up with my oldest this year. He needs to start working more independently. Hopefully that will leave me more one on one time with my youngest.

    1. Yes, one on one time with my younger three is the main reason I have made my oldest two more independent. It has been so relaxing, being able to concentrate on the younger ones, while knowing the older ones are getting it all done!