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Patriotic Penmanship K {TOS Review}

Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books  Review}
Handwriting has been somewhat of a struggle for Silas, my 6 year old. He has great fine motor skills, until it comes to handwriting. We have tried several different penmanship workbooks and handwriting curricula, and I haven't found exactly what I was looking for - until now!
Patriotic Penmanship: Kindergarten  -
We have been reviewing Patriotic Penmanship for Kindergarten from Laurelwood Books. This penmanship workbook is everything I have wanted in a handwriting program for Silas. Here are the things I love about Patriotic Penmanship:

  • It begins with the vowels and then moves to consonants. It was important to me that the handwriting book begin with proper letter formation. Silas can recognize most of his letters, but he has trouble writing them down. I wanted him to begin with the basics - the letters.
  • It has an entire row of tracing practice with an entire row for independent writing. This was important to me because tracing the letters gives Silas the guidelines he needs to write them by himself. The row underneath the tracing practice is perfect for Silas to copy the row directly above it.
  • It uses blends and short words for handwriting practice. An example of this is for the letter "C" - he will write the "C" and "c", then "ca", "ce", "ci", "co", and "cu", and finally he will write short words, such as "can", "call", and "cook". This was important to me because Silas will get frustrated trying to write longer words and sentences. He isn't ready for that yet. The short words are very manageable and provide a sense of accomplishment when he finishes writing them. Plus, he is able to sound and read some of the words!
  • There isn't a daily lesson plan or number. The book is broken down into 24 lessons, but you can decide how much or how little to complete each day, or even if you want to use it everyday. Silas has days where he wants to practice more, and days where he will write one or two lines before he is "done". I didn't want to have long lessons that I knew we wouldn't complete each day. With Patriotic Penmanship, I feel confident that we are doing just what Silas needs.
  • The pages are thick and white. I don't like thin or gray-colored paper for handwriting practice.
  • The pages are uncluttered. The entire workbook is printed in black and white, which is perfect for my easily distracted child! There are no silly cartoons or drawings.
  • There are a few Bible verses scattered throughout the book. I love little reminders of God's goodness!
Patriotic Penmanship: KindergartenPatriotic Penmanship: Kindergarten
Patriotic Penmanship has been a wonderful addition to Silas's first grade work. We use it 3-4 times a week, for as long as Silas wants to! That may be one line of tracing one day, and an entire page of tracing and writing the next day. I am very impressed with the Patriotic Penmanship workbooks - so much, that I am going to order the Patriotic Penmanship Transition to Cursive for grades 2-4 for Mercie.

Laurelwood Books has a large selection of homeschooling products, including Latin for children, book study guides, and of course penmanship books from Kindergarten all the way through high school.

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