Saturday, July 2, 2016

Six Pix on Saturday

My sister and her kids came to visit us on Thursday. Her husband is working in North Dakota, too, and they are staying about thirty miles away from us. We went to the ice-cream shop Scoopz and ate lunch and ice-cream.
Some of the cupcakes I made for the boy's party. The suckers are supposed to be balloons.
One of the presents the boys got was a Ninja Turtle art kit. They had so much fun painting and using the stickers!
Mercie helped Titus with his Cuisenaire rods this week.
Mercie wrote her name in hieroglyphics this week. There was no "C" so she had to use an "S".
Silas is learning to read words ending in -at, so these letter tiles and cards have been a fun addition to his day.



  1. Fun! How neat that you're all so close to you sister.

  2. Those cupcakes look so sugary sweet & cute! It must be nice to have your sister so close by