Friday, July 1, 2016

Weekly Recap #5

The kids took another week of swimming lessons this week! Mercie took Level 2 lessons this time, and she is getting to be a pretty good little swimmer! She started learning how to dive, too. Silas and Titus took Level 1 lessons, and they are learning to float with support, blow bubbles, and things like that. Titus will go down the slide in his instructor's lap!

We had a birthday party for Silas and Titus on Sunday. Several friends and fellow pipeliners came, and we had hot dogs, chili, chips, cupcakes and homemade ice cream! It was a fun, but windy, day.

In history, we read about Upper and Lower Egypt and how they became one kingdom and about the first forms of writing - cuneiform and hieroglyphics. They did some map work and a coloring page of Osiris and Set {Egyptian gods}. Then we used modeling clay and clay tools to write some cuneiform letters. We also read the book "A to Z Hieroglyphics" and used the stencils in the book to write their names.

Mercie: 3rd grade
  • reviewed writing numbers in the hundreds
  • reviewed counting dollars, dimes and pennies and writing money
  • read "The White Stallion" and completed the Literature Study in Learning Language Arts Through Literature
  • read for 10-15 minutes each day
  • practiced typing on Typing Instructor each day with at least a 94% accuracy
  • started using Read Eggspress {a branch from Reading Eggs} to practice her reading comprehension skills

Silas: 1st grade
  • reviewed the numbers 1-10
  • reviewed writing the numbers 1-10
  • practiced his handwriting 3 times this week
  • worked 3 pages in "Finding the Answers" workbook
  • completed Map 1 and the Reading Quiz on Reading Eggs
  • started on Map 2 on Reading Eggs
  • can read words ending in -at {bat, mat, cat, sat, fat}
  • recognizes the sight words "I", "a" and "am"

Titus: Preschool
  • learned the letter "B" this week
  • used pattern blocks and Cuisenaire rods to form the "B"
  • painted a B with a balloon dipped in paint
  • glued buttons and drew strings for balloons
  • made a "B" collage with stickers
  • made a coffee filter balloon
  • used letter tiles to play "Where's the A" and "Where's the B"
  • played with balloons

We had a fun second week of school. We will be taking next week off, because my parents are bringing Mikaela and Eli up here to us. I am so ready to see them!

How was your week?

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  1. You are inspiring me to get back into the school mode. I've been struggling to get back into that rhythm.