Friday, August 21, 2015

Week in Review: August 17-21, 2015

We completed unit 4 in Bigger Hearts and Little Hearts this week, and Unit 3 in Little Hands. We had another great week, and I am still amazed that I have found such a perfect curriculum for our family.

Bigger Hearts for His Glory {unit 4}

In history, we read some more about John Smith and Pocahontas. We read about how the Indians and white settlers bartered. The kids each had a baggie with some snacks in it, and they had to barter with each other to trade items. They had fun, but they both agreed using a debit card/cash was easier than trading!
They made an acrostic with Pocahontas's name.
 They made a world map with graham crackers and icing. That was the best activity! They had so much fun, but it wasn't easy to "nibble" the crackers into the correct shape!

 We defined vocabulary words. Mercie gets to choose one of three each week, and she chose wigwam. Eli has to define all three.

We also designed a piece of paper like an Indian blanket.

In science, we learned more about the seashore and the animals that live on the seashore or in the tides. We learned how scientist group mollusks. I picked up a bag of shells from the Dollar Tree, and that was very helpful for the kids. They enjoyed being able to pick up, touch, and see the shells and the types of things they would be drawing.

We started a notebook page, and drew pictures of different invertebrates.

We read a poem titled "The Arrow", and it was our favorite so far! 

We learned the rest of the song "Holy, Holy, Holy". This is a beautiful song, and we love to sing it! We find ourselves singing it sporadically throughout the day! 

The kids memorized Proverbs 3:30, and we talked about being trustworthy.

They continued working in Rod and Staff English and Singapore math. Mercie still has handwriting, and they both have Bible studies. They also do spelling. 

Eli learned more about the skeletal system in "God's Design for the Human Body." {Not Heart of Dakota} He label a skeleton, glued a skeleton together, and performed an experiment. He put one chicken bone in a cup of vinegar, and left on in the open air for two days. He then had to try to break the bones. The one in the vinegar would not break, and it was very flexible! The one left in the open broke very easily. 

{trying to break the bone that soaked in vinegar}

We had a very full week, but school only takes us 2 or 2 1/2 hours! 

Little Hearts for His Glory {unit 4}

Silas had a very productive week this week. He sounded out a few words! We are back to using the "Reading Made Easy" book. He is doing fabulous, but he doesn't like to do it very long! 

He is learning how to write numbers in math. He can count very well, and recognizes his numbers. He has trouble writing, but we are working on it! He used M&M's to make patterns in math. 

He memorized Proverbs 3:5 this week.

He learned about Joseph being sold into slavery, and then about Moses, the burning bush and appealing to Pharaoh to let the people go.
{Egyptian collar}

{Moses in the basket}

 We read some more in "Reddy Fox", and he colored a picture. He also had to "warn" Grandfather Frog that Farmer Brown's boy was hunting! He doesn't remember everything I read, but he seems to listen partially.

He also worked in Thinking Skills workbook, did handwriting, and we acted out the Bible stories. I don't get a lot of pictures of us doing dramatic play, because I am usually doing it right along with him!

I think Little perfect for Kindergarten. It is so gentle, yet he is picking up so much! I am so proud of how motivated he is for a 5 year old. We do his school first thing in the morning, while the older ones are doing independent work.

Little Hands to Heaven {unit 3}

We didn't do school every day this week, but I managed to get a few pictures. He glued colored paper to a letter C.
 More color matching!
 Putting star stickers on the night sky. He also made a tent for Abraham out of an index card.

He is only 3, and I am not pushing school on him at all. If he wants to do it, we do it. If he doesn't, we don't! He picks up so much from listening to the other kids, and I am more than happy to let him be a baby longer!


  1. What a good week! You are a few weeks ahead of me in LHFHG : ) It gives me an idea of what we have to look forward too!

  2. It's good that you add fun and activities into your lessons. My kiddos love this part of their day. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up!

  3. What a fun week!! We loved the tent and star activity when we were in Little Hands. Thanks for sharing your week at the Weekly Wrap up!

  4. The Pocahontas poem has been one of my favorite activities in this guide! Such creativity from little minds :)