Thursday, August 13, 2015

God's Design for Science: The Human Body {week 1}

Eli wanted {and needed} more science than is offered in Bigger Hearts {Heart of Dakota}. I looked at several different curricula before decided on God's Design for Science: The Human Body. I am so glad I chose it!

I didn't order the CD rom that includes worksheets, so I made my own and found some {mainly from}. I printed out all of the ones he will use, put them in page protectors, and placed them in a yellow, 3-prong folder. I plan to do this with all 3 books in this series.

He drew a self-portrait the first day.

He read an overview of the 8 body systems we will be learning about in this book, and made a "body wheel", which has  brief description of each system.

He drew and wrote the function of 6 kind of cells.

He also read a few pages on Leonardo da Vinci, but we didn't elaborate on that at this time.

Overall, he enjoyed the first 3 lessons in this book, and I am glad he is able to do this independently.

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  1. Love my sweet Eli! He is such a smart young man. I love seeing what he is doing in school!