Saturday, August 22, 2015

7th grade Week in Review

This week, Mikaela continued working in her Key to Fractions book 2. She is reviewing multiplying and dividing fractions. She likes these workbooks, and they provide plenty of review and reinforcement. 

Easy Grammar came in this week, and she got to work crossing our prepositional phrases! The first two pages were unscrambling prepositions, which was a fun challenge and helped to get them "in her head". We used this for 5th grade, and I don't know why I always think something will be better. This is the perfect amount of grammar, and finding prepositional phrases first in a sentence really make labeling the other parts of speech so much easier.

She worked two lessons in her Spectrum Writing book. She enjoys writing, but we only do it Tuesdays and Thursdays.

She had science this week, and performed two experiments. I did not have rubbing alcohol for the third one, so I'm going to get that today and let her finish it. I didn't get a picture of the experiments this week.

She also worked in her Art book, and is getting good at shading.

For history, we are using America the Beautiful, by the Notgrass Company. This is a beautiful curriculum! It is so full. She reads her lesson each day, and has several activities to complete. This week, she had mapping activities, Biblical thinking and writing, did several pages in the student workbook, and made two timeline entries. She also read a few passages from "We The People". She loves this already. I will be doing a full review on it in five weeks. 

She also worked in her Bible curriculum {CLE}, and made a 100 on her quiz. She was very happy. I'm pleased with the verses she has memorized completely on her own. This year, she is very independent with her work, and I am pleasantly surprised at her motivation to get things done. She is always done by lunchtime. 

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  1. Fractions has been the hardest thing for my youngest kiddo to learn. Finally, I had him write the 'rules' daily, then do 4 mixed problems in within a few weeks he finally 'got' it. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up!