Friday, August 14, 2015

Week in Review: August 10-August 14, 2015 {7th grade}

Mikaela had another great week this week. She did 3 experiments/demonstrations this week. Science continues to  be her favorite subject. I don't want to go into detail for every single experiment she does, but here are a few pictures.

Anything messy is fun, right? She loved this one:

This one is pepper in cold water {left} and hot water {right}. The pepper sank to the bottom in the cold water, but keep popping back to the top in the hot water.

She also made edible atoms using different kinds of candy. That was fun!!

She is working in book 2 of Key to Fractions. She likes this series, as it explains things really well.

We have decided to swap her Language Arts from Christian Light Education to Easy Grammar. She used that before, and did well with it. I am going to print my  own spelling lists for her, as she doesn't spell very well and still needs the practice.

She likes the Spectrum writing book, and did two lessons in that. She also worked in her drawing book.

We are also going to start using America the Beautiful as soon as it arrives. For now, she is sitting in on history with Bigger Hearts for His Glory.

She finished reading a biography on Mary Slessor. She loved that book, and she has a heart for missions. My parents are missionaries and she is planning to go on a trip with them soon!

She memorized Luke 2:10-11, and worked in her CLE Bible lightunits.
She has had a productive week!


  1. She is such a delight and I love her so much!!!

  2. Is that "elephant toothpaste"? My kids have been asking to do that again (I can't believe they even remember doing it last year!) Such fun to do these fun experiments with the kiddos!