Thursday, January 30, 2020

Reading Through the Alphabet Link Up: B

This is the second week of Reading Through the Alphabet Challenge! This week's letter is B. As you know, I'm doing picture books for this challenge, but you are free to link up any books that begin with B! I'm trying to use books from our shelves, but I may get a book or two from the library sometimes.

The first book we read this week is "Big Red Barn" by Margaret Wise Brown. Zeke loves this book! There are lots of farm animals and opportunities for counting, animal recognition and sounds, and rhyming practice.

Big Red Barn
The next two books we read are by Frank Asch, who is one of our favorite authors! "Bear Shadow" is the cutest story about a bear who is trying to get rid of his shadow. He tries to bury his shadow and hammer it to the ground, only to be dismayed that it keeps coming back! This is a fun book to read, and you can even tie in some science with it and learn about shadows and the sun!
Bear Shadow
"Baby Bird's First Nest" is about a baby bird that falls out of her mommy's nest and decides to build her own nest. When she is in danger, she takes frog's advice and hops back to her mommy's nest. It's a sweet little book to read aloud with cute illustrations.
Baby Bird's First Nest

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  1. Those do sound so cute! I just love picture books.

    1. Thank you for linking up! I love picture books, too. :-)

  2. I adore books by Margaret Wise Brown. I will have to look that one up next time we are at the library.

  3. We have several books by Margaret Wise Brown. Love them!