Saturday, April 23, 2016

Week in Review: April 18-22, 2016

This week flew by, like all other weeks. The weather is getting beautiful, and we are spending more and more time outside. We will be going home to Louisiana in a few weeks, and the kids are getting homesick! I am looking forward to spending time with my parents, who will be home from Nicaragua for a few months.

Family Learning:

In BiblioPlan this week, we talked about the Law and the wilderness - when Moses and the Israelites wandered in the desert. We talked about the Tabernacle, the items inside of it, and the way it was set up. The kids drew a diagram of the Tabernacle for their notebooks, and Eli made a Tabernacle out of Legos.

We also completed a map and added to our timelines.

In science, we learned about food chains and food webs. We defined our vocabulary words, read an extra book called, "What Are Food Chains and Webs?" This book was very interesting and will be an asset to our ever-growing living book library.

I had the kids draw their own version of a food web:
We read more in our Billy Graham biography and about our composer, George Handel.
Individual Learning:

Mikaela, Eli, and Mercie are all using Learning Language Arts Through Literature. What a great program! It includes copywork and dictation, light grammar instruction, literature selections, spelling, and so much more. We are really happy with this curriculum.

Mikaela is using Writers in Residence and loving it. I'm planning to start Eli on it soon.

In math, Mercie is learning how to read a clock, Eli completed Chapter 1 in Rod and Staff math, and Mikaela is on Chapter 8 in Principals of Mathematics, learning about ratios and proportions.

Mikaela is reading "King Arthur" and is almost through with the literature guide from Memoria Press. Eli is reading "Carry On, Mr. Bowditch" for LLATL.

Silas and Titus had fun this week learning about the letter X and God's treasure - the Bible. I wrote about it in THIS post.

Silas is moving right along in Math-U-See Primer, and he is on lesson 16. He loves MUS! He is learning to add small numbers, reading 3 digit numbers, and writing from 1-20. He has trouble with the numbers 12-19, for some reason! We are in between lessons 22 and 23 in Foundations A {Logic of English}. We have been playing games and reviewing the sounds he has learned so far. He loves to play "Go Fish" using the letter cards and sounds. {"Do you have a /t/?"} He even read a few short words, like "dog", "pig", "sit" and "top".

I am pretty happy with our progress this year! I'm already "planning" next year, but we are going to finish what we are using now! The only thing I will have to buy is Writers in Residence for Eli and a new math for Mercie, as she is almost through with Singapore 2B. Mikaela will also need her own science, and I am currently looking at a few from Master Books.

How was your week?


  1. My middle son loves learning about food chains and webs. He's just gotten into read the Here is The Southwestern Desert & Here is the Tropical rain Forest type books... when I told him he could write his own book just like those picking a region and it's food web he was all excited. Sometimes inspiration just strikes I guess! We'll be checking out that food web book for sure.

  2. Love the LEGO Tabernacle. Very creative!