Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Devonian GREEMU Oil {TOS Review}

I have been reviewing a wonderful new skin moisturizer from Devonian the past month or so called GREEMU Oil. It has really helped my daughter and me with dry skin and frizzy hair.

Greemu Devonian Review
What is GREEMU?

That was my first question, too! GREEMU is a plant-based alternative to Emu Oil. GREEMU is used as a skin care product, hair care product, and more! It is made with macadamia seed oil, palm oil certified organic, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and rice bran oil.

How we used GREEMU

Greemu Devonian ReviewMy oldest daughter, Mikaela, and I used GREEMU in a few different ways. I have always had rough, cracked heels and dry skin - especially in the summer, when I wear sandals almost daily. I have tried many products to help with this problem, but none have worked as well as GREEMU. I can rub a tiny drop on my toes and heels in the morning, and they stay soft and smooth all day! I have also been using it after I shave my legs, and my legs stay smooth all day. In the past, my legs would feel itchy after shaving, as well as having the "ashy" look from dry skin. I rub GREEMU on my legs and the problem is gone - no itchiness or ashiness {apparently that isn't a word - oh well!}.

Mikaela and I use GREEMU in our hair a few times a week. It doesn't take but a small drop, otherwise you'll get a greasy look! It really helps smooth down the frizzy fly-away hairs and split ends. I only use it on the ends of my hair, but I can really tell a difference!

GREEMU can also be used on your scalp, if you have dry, itchy scalp. GREEMU can be used as an anti-aging effect, to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, as well helping with skin inflammation and irritation. I think GREEMU would be excellent for people with eczema or dermatitis.

What we think about GREEMU

I really love GREEMU! I am very impressed with the way my previously rough, dry feet look and feel now. I still have cracked heels, but I feel like they will heal soon. They look much better now than they did before I started using GREEMU. My legs and feet look shiny and smooth! I am also very impressed with the way our hair looks - you can't see split ends or frizzy hair anymore!

GREEMU is available through Koru Naturals. At $10.80 for a 4-oz bottle, this is a great deal! I have been using it almost daily for a month, and still have 3/4 of a bottle left! It really does not take more than a few drops. I also noticed a 20% off coupon on the website that is good through May 31, so take advantage of the coupon and buy a bottle!

Check out GREEMU on Facebook and Pinterest, where you can find some really neat products and creative ways to use them.

Greemu Devonian Review
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  1. I hadn't thought to put it on my legs after I shave, I'll have to try that! :D