Thursday, April 28, 2016

52 Lists Projects: People I Admire

When I read the list title this week, I immediately thought of two people that I admire more than anyone else I know - my mom and dad.
My mom and dad are two of the most wonderful people I know! They are great parents and even better grandparents. My dad is a retired Baptist pastor, and my mom used to work at State Farm Insurance - but they are anything but "retired"!

They are missionaries to Central America - particularly Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras. They go down for weeks or months at a time and minister to the people through preaching, door to door {or hut to hut} in the villages, Bible schools for kids and adults alike, and more.

They fully trust and rely on God to provide for all of their financial needs - they have no steady income other than donations to their ministry. They down-sized their house and possessions in order to down-size their expenses. Now, that's faith in God!

I admire my parent's faith, their dedication to God and their commitment to the people of Central America. They say "yes" when God calls them to go somewhere, without hesitation.

Mom and Dad, I love you!

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  1. So funny! There definitely seems to be a "mom" theme to these lists... I have yet to write mine but that definitely is going to be my focus.

  2. I love you honored your parents. I took a little different approach to this list because it was so hard to narrow it down.