Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week in Review {March 7-11}

We completed our third week of homeschool in North Carolina this week! The weather has been much nicer, so we have been outside quite a bit and {found and} visited the park several times.

Family Learning:
In history this week, we read about Jacob and Esau, Gilgamesh, and the Assyrians. The kids made notebook pages, did copy-work, and filled out their maps. We also talked about the 12 sons of Jacob and what their names mean. We are still *loving* BiblioPlan!

We started artist study this week, journeying more into Charlotte Mason's methods. We are reading about Claude Monet in these two books:">Who Was Claude Monet?   ">Claude Monet (Revised Edition) (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists (Paperback))

We are also doing copy-work with some of Monet's quotes from Homeschool Copywork {a crew review coming soon!}

We reviewed memory work- Matthew 6:5-15, the books of the Bible, continents and oceans. I hope to add a little more memory work to our Morning Meeting, including poetry!

I started reading "Grammar-Land" to Mercie and Eli. It's a living grammar! I was excited to find it for $5.99 on Amazon. The story goes through the Parts-of-Speech as they stand before Judge Grammar and defend their words. It's a cute story. I am having Mercie and Eli keep a spiral notebook with drawing and notes to help them.

Mikaela - 7th grade
Mikaela has been working in Principals of Mathematics for the past few months. This is a really solid pre-algebra math program that is Biblically based. It explains why we will need math in real life and uses real life scenarios for the math problems. She started Apologia's Writers in Residence this week {another review item} which will take the place of her grammar. In science, she has been reading through "It Couldn't Just Happen" and working in her Fun-Schooling Journal. She is always telling me interesting facts that she's learned. I love when my kids love what they are learning. She finished reading "Door in the Wall" and the literature guide from Memoria Press this week. This was a really good book! It was one she wasn't sure she would like, but ended up loving!

Eli - 5th grade
Eli has been reading through Life of Fred: Fractions, and is nearly finished. He will be using A+ Interactive Math {yet another review item} in a few weeks to review and solidify his knowledge of fractions and decimals. He has been reading "Robin Hood" and using a literature guide from Memoria Press. He is really enjoying the book!

Mercie - 2nd grade
Mercie has been reviewing Times Tales, a video that uses stories to teach the multiplication tables. She has already memorized Part 1, so next week, we will begin Part 2! She also completes a page in Singapore math each day. This week, she worked on counting and writing money. She also works in her cursive workbook and spelling journal each day.

Silas - Kindergarten
Silas has been learning how to write and read 2 digit numbers in Math U See. We are also learning to count by 10's, and he can count to 100 with help from me. He is also doing pretty well with Logic of English's Foundations A. He gets to play games and move around while learning phonograms, so that's always a good thing. He has copy-work each day from Homeschool Copywork - a simple phrase, such as "A is for Airplane" with a picture to color.

Life Skills & Handicrafts:
I hope to add this to each week in review! Some handicrafts we did this week were making these cool penny spinners, creating a mosaic with sticky shapes {Silas and Titus}, starting a needlepoint project {Mercie}, cooking lasagna {Mikaela}, making paracord bracelets {Eli}, and working on a stop-motion video {Eli and Mikaela}. The kids also did their chores, which include folding and putting away clothes and towels, washing dishes, cleaning up toys and making their beds.  
Habit Training:
We have been working on the habits of perfect execution and thoroughness. The kids are doing much better at writing neatly and organizing their notebook pages. I do have to remind them, but they have really started doing their best work. It shows in their school work!
Nature Study:
We haven't been doing formal nature since arriving in North Carolina. We plan to begin again next week. We did go to the park several times and look at the different trees there. We looked for birds, but there is a strange absence of them here! The kids ripped up some weeds and examined the roots, even finding the tap roots on some. We looked at clouds, watched it rain, and observed the wind. Hmm, I guess we did more nature study than I realized!
And...I won a giveaway this week! I was so excited, because I had forgotten that I had even entered. I won these wonderful living books:">Name Your Link

Ordinary People Change the World by Brad Meltzer
I love adding beautiful living books to our ever-growing library!
How was your week?


  1. I didn't realized you moved! Phew...I know what that's like in the middle of a school year. We just did Monet too! That was so fun. I also love Grammarland. Such a great book. I would love to hear more about Writers in Residence. It looks really fun to me :) I can't wait to get to the ancients again next year! Looks like BP suits you well!

  2. Congrats on winning the books; we've read a few and they're super cute. Sounds like you had a good week and you're settling in well.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely week! We studied Monet this year and loved it. I learned a lot too. Love the Gramma Land book - I may have to check that out!
    Visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.