Monday, March 14, 2016

Tissue Paper Wreath!

Mikaela made this super easy, super cute tissue paper wreath this weekend! It was an idea that I saw on Pinterest and sent to her. It uses minimal supplies, took her around 2 hours total, and can be used for all sorts of decorating!

Supplies Needed:

  • an old cardboard box or piece of cardboard {we used an Amazon box}
  • tissue paper in any color {we chose turquoise and gold}
  • hole puncher
  • scissors

Step One:

Trace a large circle on your cardboard box. Next, trace a smaller circler inside the large circle. We used mixing bowls in two sizes. Use whatever size you want your wreath to be! {You don't want it too thick, or it will be hard to punch holes in the middle.}

Step Two:

Using a hole puncher, punch holes all over the cardboard wreath. Don't punch them too close together, as the tissue paper is really fluffy!

Step Three:

Cut your tissue paper into 5 inch squares. Take the middle of a square of tissue paper and twist, making a flower shape.

Step Four:

Poke the pointy end of the tissue paper through the holes in the wreath, alternating colors. Pull tightly so that tissue paper won't fall out.

Step Five:

Enjoy your beautiful wreath!

You could use pastels for a spring or Easter wreath to hang on your door! Mikaela is hanging her wreath in her bedroom. She enjoyed this simple project - all except the hole punching part! Punching holes in cardboard is not easy. Her hand was a little sore!

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  1. Cute Easter wreath! I bet it would look great on your door!

    1. It will be cute in pastels for Easter!

  2. Very nice! My daughter would enjoy doing this too!

  3. I've done tissue paper squares glued to cardboard before, but it took forever to fill it up with 2 inch squares of tissue paper. This project would be much faster and therefore much more satisfying for my project starter. It might even get finished. ;)

    1. It was a quick project! Those are the best kind!

  4. My daughter would love this. And heaven knows we have enough Amazon boxes to use for the base!