Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Thinking Tree: All About Horses Horse-Lovers Handbook

My 13 year old daughter, Mikaela, loves horses. She learned to ride with her best friend, Sarah. Sarah has a lot of horses and barrel races. Mikaela has learned so much from Sarah. Recently, we acquired 3 horses. They are being taken care of by my father-in-law and a good family friend while we are in North Carolina. Mikaela hopes to start riding them when we get home in a few months.

When Sarah Janisse Brown sent me the "All About Horses Homeschooling Journal" to review, Mikaela was ecstatic! She wanted to start using it right away! I ordered a huge lot of horse books from Ebay for Mikaela to use with this journal.

If you are familiar with Sarah's journals, you will recognize quite a few of these pages. However, there are also lots of new pages created just for this journal. You will see the usual "Reading Time", "Spelling Time", "Copy Work", and "Nature Study" pages. The new pages in this journal are all about horses! Your child will practice drawing horses, writing stories about horses, reading books about horses, and coloring horses! There are real pictures of horses in the journal, including some humorous pictures.

Mikaela uses this journal in her spare time. Your child could totally use this as a complete unit study, as they will be learning science, spelling, language arts, drawing skills, creative writing, and even history if you pick the right books.

What we love about these journals is the ability to pick our own books! When my kids choose their own books, they feel like they are taking ownership of their learning. Mikaela has learned so much from these books we bought. She is learning how to take care of horses, why horses do certain things, and the illness and injuries horses can incur. She loves reading about horses!

This journal is perfect for the horse-lover in your family. You can buy it here. Right now, it's on sale for $9.00! What a steal! Check out Sarah's other journals and do-it-yourself books on Amazon!



  1. Great review and how exciting to have 3 horses! So fun!!!

    Thank you for linking up.