Sunday, February 21, 2016

Junior High Junction: Book Review by Mikaela

This past week, we have been so busy! We had to pack and travel from Louisiana to North Carolina. We will be here for several months with my husband's job {pipeline construction}. We have settled in to our rental, unpacked furniture and clothes, books and toys. We went to the grocery store and stocked the cabinets and fridge. Whew! Now I'm exhausted. That's why my 13 year old daughter, Mikaela, will be writing today's post. She has chosen to do a review on the first two books in a series by James Dashner - The Morality Doctrine. The books she will be reviewing are "The Eye of Minds" and "The Rule of Thoughts".

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" These are some of my favorite books, but any books by James Dashner I enjoy. I am still trying to get the third book of this series... the second book,The Rule of Thoughts, leaves you with a cliff-hanger!The books are based on a virtual world "The Virt Net" and gamers would get into a coffin to enter the "Virt-Net". When they wanted to come back from the "Virt-Net" [or the sleep] they would find a portal to come back to the "wake". The book is about a gamer named Michael who has excellent coding and gaming skills in the virtual world. The VNS controls the Virt-Net and they created it. They program Tangets, which are made to look like humans and act like them as well. Some don't even know they are not human. They live in life-blood deep, another dimension inside the Virt-Net. One of the first Tangets they programed is Kaine. He is programed with extreme coding skills as well as gaming skills. He forms a plan to overrule the human world [the wake] with Tangets. It is a plot only Michael can stop with the help of his friends, Sarah and Bryson, who are also skilled gamers. These books are based on Science-Fiction. James Dashner also writes The Maze Runner Triology and the Thirteenth Reality Series. He is my favorite author; I love all his books that I have read so far. I hope you read these books and enjoy them as much as I did. Here are the links to all three books."


I hope you enjoyed her book series review! It is a series that any teen or pre-teen, boy or girl, would enjoy! Link up your junior high/middle school blog posts below! I would love to read a book review by your pre-teen or teen!

My Full Heart: Junior High Junction

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  1. She wrote a great review but oh my! Not a series for me! Tell her she did good and I'm glad she is reading these and not me. :) - Lori