Sunday, February 28, 2016

Haste Makes Mistakes: Charlotte Mason's Habit Training

In my efforts to lean more toward a Charlotte Mason lifestyle {I hesitate to use "Charlotte Mason homeschool", because CM is so much more than just school-it is a way of life}, I am beginning what Charlotte called habit training. The definition is pretty self-explanatory, but in a nutshell - your child's character is more important than their academics.

Charlotte Mason suggests working on one habit at a time, and I fully agree. If I start insisting my children learn ten different habits at once, they will be overwhelmed, and so will I!

We were reading in Proverbs 19 last night, and I read this verse aloud:

I explained the importance of taking the time to do our best work, without working so slowly that we can't get anything done. Some of my children have developed the bad habit of completing their work hastily, thus making many mistakes. Therefore, this is the first habit we are working on: perfect execution and thoroughness.
Here are the specific things we will be training:
  • making sure our work is done correctly the first time
  • taking our time to spell words correctly
  • making sure the correct words are capitalized
  • using correct punctuation
  • not rushing through our notebook pages
  • coloring our maps neatly
  • labeling our maps neatly
  • using sharp pencils and colored pencils
  • double-checking that our math equations are written correctly before solving them
  • checking {and correcting} our answers immediately
  • listening to directions carefully
  • slowing down!
We will work on this habit for around 3 weeks, or until we have all developed it perfectly.

What are some habits your children need training in?


  1. Might I recommend Laying Down the Rails by Simply Charlotte Mason. Your post reminded me to put it on our next year's curriculum list. I've missed using it and nearly forgot about it with moving around due to my health.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. We working on our writing in math. My daughter has a habit of writing big and sloppy in math which can lead to incorrect answers. We've been working on that.