Friday, February 5, 2016

FIAR: Madeline {Link Up}

This week, Mercie and I "rowed" the book "Madeline". This is a story we have read hundreds of times before, but I knew she would love to "row" it. We didn't go all out for this book. There were so many different directions we could have headed! I have found that she enjoys "rowing" books much better when we keep things simple.">Madeline

The things I wanted to make sure we do with every book are our "country" pages. She has a world map in her FIAR binder, and we always find the country that the story takes place in. Then, she turns the page and there is a blank world map. We find the country again, color it, and label it. She then turns to the individual continent maps and we find the country again. It really helps her with understanding where the country is located.

We will do a vocabulary page each week. I find three words from the story and help her look them up in her children's dictionary. She writes the word, the definition and draws a picture.

We will also do a reading comprehension page once a week. It may be a story summary, character analysis, or graphic organizer. I think it's important to introduce her to these concepts in a gentle way.

Here is what we did for the story "Madeline".

Monday, we used our maps to find and label France. We then put a star sticker where Paris is located. She colored the flag of France.

Tuesday, we talked about the appendix being an organ in our body, since Madeline had to have hers removed. She colored a worksheet of the major organs in the body, and we discussed the function of some of them. She couldn't believe how small the stomach is!

Wednesday, we defined her vocabulary words {appendix, solemn, and crank}. Then she used her Animal Encyclopedia to draw a picture of a tiger in her Do-It-Yourself Zoology journal. She wrote a paragraph about tiger cubs.

Thursday, she made a collage of healthy food that she cut from magazines. We talked about the different ways to stay healthy - eating right, exercising, brushing our teeth and taking vitamins.

On Friday, she did a character analysis on Madeline. I found this worksheet in the FIAR Notebook Builder.

She has been working on multiplying by 4's in math. She also works in her Spelling journal and on cursive daily.

We started BiblioPlan this week, and we all do it together as a family. She has enjoyed it so far and accomplished much more than I required. We also did some nature study in our sketchbooks on trees.

Thanks for linking up last week!

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