Monday, February 29, 2016

Junior High Junction: 3 Simple Ways to Enourage Your Middle Schooler

My Full Heart: Junior High Junction

We all need a little encouragement sometimes! It's easy to overlook our junior high/middle school age students and their need for a confidence-boost. I'm going to share 3 simple ways we can encourage our pre-teens and teens, and then I want you to share in the comments a few more simple ways!

1.) Ask them to use their gifts or abilities as a favor to you. Let me explain what I mean here. Let's say your daughter loves to bake cookies. You could say, "Your chocolate chip cookies are so delicious; why don't you bake a batch that we could take over to Mrs. Smith's house later today?" Or if your son is really good at fixing things, you could ask him to replace a toilet seat or tighten the screws on your swing set. When your child feels needed by you, it gives them motivation to work hard and encouragement that they are an important part of the family.

2.) Let your child hear you brag on them. This may seem like something reserved for little children, but everyone loves to hear how special they are. When you are talking to your husband, say something like, "I was very impressed with the comic book Eli drew today; he has a natural talent for drawing!" or "Mikaela did a great job on supper tonight. The spaghetti tasted better than mine does!" If your child doesn't think you know she is listening, double the points.

3.) Give them small gestures or tokens of appreciation. Throughout the day, smile at your child, give them a thumbs-up or high-five, wink at them, and hug them. If your child doesn't enjoy being touched, there are other things you can do - sneak them a handful of Hershey kisses {that nobody else sees or receives}, sharpen all of their colored pencils as a surprise, or write a little note to leave on their pillow or in their math book.

Don't forget to pray for and with your child every day. This is the most important thing you can do to encourage your child spiritually.

What ideas would you add to the list?

My Full Heart: Junior High Junction

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  1. Such little, simple things that can make such a huge difference.