Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ancient Egyptian Paddle Dolls

We finished Week 7, and Unit 1, in BiblioPlan: Ancients this week, and we haven't completed any craft projects. I decided that we would make an Egyptian Paddle Doll to conclude Unit 1. My kids do love making things, especially toys.

Paddle dolls

What you need:
paint or markers
yarn or string
wooden beads
hole puncher

Step One: Cut the cardboard into the shape of a paddle.

Step Two: Paint the cardboard to look like a doll - the bigger end on the bottom, and the smaller end on top. I had the kids try to paint Egyptian designs on the doll, but ultimately I let the project be totally their own.

Step Three: String wooden beans on strips of yarn or thread. Tie them well, so they don't fall off!

Step Four: Punch 4 or 5 holes around the head of the doll, and tie the beads on the doll.

Step Five: Admire your new paddle doll! {And try not to break her...}

We love such simple projects! Hopefully, the kids will remember a little about Ancient Egypt when they look at their dolls.


  1. Cute and simple; what a perfect Egyptian craft.

  2. How fun! My two older kiddos made a paddle doll when we were learning about Ancient Egypt, way back when Josh was in 2nd or 3rd grade.

  3. What a fun project! They turned out great. Thanks for sharing this on the Virtual Fridge!