Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weekly Recap: The Elementary Kids

This week went by fast, just like all of the others! We took of Monday for Labor Day since Rod didn't have to work. The kids still did 5 days of school, though. Some worked today, Saturday, and Eli did a little extra each day and did 5 days of school in 4 days. I am going to make this post for the Elementary Kids - Titus, Silas and Mercie. I will do Mikaela and Eli's weekly recap separately.

Titus: Preschool

We are still using the Leap Frog Skills workbook as a guide. We worked on the letter B, squares, the color blue, and the number 2. Here are a few things we did:
  • made a Butterfly "B"
  • put 2 bug stickers in his 2 bug jar
  • put stickers around the 4 sides of a square
  • cut blue pictures from magazines and glued them in his notebook
  • cut "B"s from magazines and glued them in his notebook
  • stamped squares with blue paint
  • worked several pages in his workbook

Silas: Kindergarten

Silas learned the -at word family this week and the sight words 'the' and 'a'. We read words ending in -at and sentences using -at words and his sight words. He wrote the word family words and sight words and learned how to write sentences using capital letters and periods. He found the letters for "the" and the word "the" and "a" from magazines and glued them into his notebook.

In math, he reviewed rectangles and circles. He practiced writing his numbers 0-9 almost daily and did a chapter in "Math Lessons for a Living Education." This math book has been wonderful, and even though I feel like it's too slow at times, it proves to be a good pace for Silas. He is getting practice writing his numbers, and finally knows 6, 7, 8, and 9 without trouble!

Mercie: 3rd Grade

Mercie completed a chapter in Math Lessons for a Living Education." She reviewed adding and subtracting with borrowing and carrying, reading clocks and writing time, reading thermometers, and simple addition and subtraction facts.

She completed Lesson 16 in Learning Language Arts Through Literature, which was on reading maps. She had a blast with this, and even drew her own map of a made-up town! She did a few pages in her Scholastic Third Grade workbook for language arts - a reading comprehension story on Alexander Graham Bell, a page on palindromes, a cursive page on the letter "A", and a sentence/fragment page. She wrote in her journal several times this week.

We did not do history or science this week, but will start up again after a week off of school when we get home {next week, yay!}.

I love these weekly recaps. They take a little time to write, but it helps me to see how much we do each week, even if school for the little ones is an hour or two daily. They are learning so much!

A few pictures of the kids from my phone this week:


How was your week?


  1. I find the weekly recaps such a huge help to me. I don't always enjoy writing them but find I just need to.

  2. I find the weekly recaps such a huge help to me. I don't always enjoy writing them but find I just need to.

  3. You are doing good! ...especially for all the traveling. I need to get our learning days up soon. It's been a while since I shared our homeschool days.

  4. Love the way you do your weekly wrap-up. What a nice record of the highlights of the week. - Lori

  5. sweet pictures of your learning experiences! I have been doing weekly wrap-up posts for a long time, and sometimes it feels like it's not very interesting because I'm writing the same things week after week. But I do like them because they give such a realistic glimpse into the different things we're all doing as homeschoolers. Keep up the good work!

  6. weekly recaps of your week are a great thing to do. :) gives others ideas as well, this is something I have learned.

  7. I've never done a weekly recap on my blog, but I love seeing yours. It is amazing what we accomplish in a week especially when we put it in writing.