Friday, September 2, 2016

Weekly Recap

This week, we moved to a different RV park.. We are actually 3 hours closer to Louisiana now, in South Dakota! I have to say, I really miss Linton, North Dakota, and the wonderful park we were staying in. We should be going home sometime next week or the next. The wind has blown all day, every day since we've arrived in this new park. There are no trees to help break the wind up, like there were in Linton.

We completed school this week so we can take off a few weeks when we get home. It's always fun to visit with family and friends without feeling like we have to do school, too.

Here is a run-down of what we did this week in school:

Mikalea - 8th grade:
  • Language Arts - completed lesson 12 in Learning Language Arts Through Literature {forming plurals in special words, direct objects, transitive verbs, and diagraming sentences}; she also finished reading "Star of Light" and began Lesson 13, which is the Book Unit for "Star of Light"
  • Math - completed lessons 13.4-13.6, took Quiz 11, and started chapter 14 in Principals of Mathematics, which were on geometry
  • History - completed Unit 22 in America the Beautiful {she read about Shirley Temple, Mount Olympus in Washington, President Roosevelt, the CCC, and the Golden Gate Bridge}
  • Science- chapter 4 in Intro to Oceanography {she read about tides and currents}
  • Writing- worked on Module 15 in Writers in Residence {using adverbs}
  • Reading- read "Star of Light" and  "Hunger Games"; began reading "The Pray-ers" - a review item
  • Spanish- Unit 1, Lesson 4 {she is learning so much! colors, letters, basic words}
  • Extras- completed a lesson in ARTistic Pursuits

Eli - 6th grade:
  • Language Arts- completed Lesson 10 in Learning Language Arts Through Literature {learning about homonyms, narrator, point of view, mood, and commas}
  • Math- completed lessons 2.3-3.1 and took his first quiz in Principals of Mathematics {keeping a checkbook register, multi-digit addition and subtraction, problem solving, and mental math, still review for him}
  • History- completed Unit 7 in America the Beautiful {he read about George Washington, Historic Philadelphia, the Appalachian Mountains, and Trappers, Longhunters, and Pioneers}
  • Science-Chapter 3 in Intro to Meteorology {read about water in the atmosphere and clouds}
  • Writing- worked on Module 7 in Writers in Residence
  • Reading- read "The Bronze Bow"
  • Spanish- Unit 1, Lesson 3 {learning language basics}
  • Extras- worked on "Math Missions", a computer game; completed a lesson in his Art Pack

Mercie - 3rd grade:
  • Language Arts- completed Lesson 15 in Learning Language Arts Through Literature {learned about newspaper articles, the -tion sound, and the 5 W questions}
  • Math- completed chapter 2 in Math Lesson for a Living Education {worked on time to the 5 minutes, tally marks, addition with carrying, and reviewed addition and subtraction facts}
  • Writing- wrote in her daily journal using writing prompts 
  • History- read about Ancient China and Ancient Africa in Story of the World, map work, and coloring pages
  • Reading- read several books and did some reading comprehension activities on {review coming soon}
  • Spanish- worked on Unit 1, Lesson 1 and 2
  • Extras- worked on "Math Missions", a computer game

Silas - 1st grade:
  • Phonics- learned z, ng, w, and v sounds; wrote 4 words from dictation daily; practiced reading words with the sounds he already knows
  • Math- completed chapter 3 in Math Lessons for a Living Education {worked on rectangles, counting and writing numbers 0-9}
  • History- read about Ancient China and Ancient Africa in Story of the World, map work, and coloring pages
Titus - Preschool:
  • Letters- learned the letter A, worked in his LeapFrog Skills Workbook, made an "A" alligator, cut and glued "A"s from magazine in his notebook
  • Numbers- learned the numbers 0 and 1 and practiced counting to 10
  • Shapes and Colors- learned about circles and the color red, made a red collage from pictures cut from magazine, put smiley face stickers around the circle, stamped circles with red paint
  • Bible- learned about God creating the sky on Day 2
Whew, writing it all out makes it sound like we never quit doing school! In actuality, we are done by lunchtime most days, with the two older ones finishing up in the afternoon.

How was your week?


  1. You all have been productively busy! Praying for safe travels back home.

  2. Sounds like you all got a lot done! How nice that you'll get to take tome off when you get home. It must be so nice to see everyone after being so far away.