Wednesday, September 14, 2016 {TOS Review}

Mercie, my 3rd grader, has been using for the past month or so as an addition to her daily homeschool work. We received the Help Teaching Pro Subscription in exchange for our review.

What is is a website that not only has thousands of free worksheets available, but allows you to create your own tests and worksheets. There are three main parts to this website, which I'll briefly explain below.

Tests and Worksheets: Over 3,000 tests and worksheets are available for Kindergarten through 12th grade covering all subjects. Common Core Aligned worksheets are also available. The worksheets are organized by grade and by subject, making it easy to find what you need.

Test Maker: The Test Maker is a really neat tool on this website. You can write your own questions, making them multiple choice, fill in the blank, true and false, or open-ended. There are over 1,000 images you can use or you can upload your own. There are also questions that other educators have used for their tests. You can browse these questions and use them on the tests you create.

Test Room: The Test Room can be used to administer online tests and manage student performance. Your student must have their own email address so you can mail them a link to the test.

There is a huge variety of worksheets and tests available on Some of the categories include:
  • Arts
  • Early Education
  • English Language Arts
  • Life Skills
  • Math
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Seasonal and Holidays
  • Social Studies
  • Study Skills/ Strategies
  • Math Worksheet Generators
  • Printable Game Generators
Within these categories, there are many different subcategories for the different grades. There are also lessons your child can watch. These lessons are linked to outside websites that offer free content. These lessons include an embedded video, questions and answers, and tests. There are lessons for Pre-K - 12th grade in the topics of Language Arts, Math, and Science.

For only $24.95 a year, you can have access to all of these worksheets, tests, the test maker, and the test room. This is such a great deal! Having all of these worksheets at your fingertips is so helpful for a busy homeschool mom. It's also a wonderful thing to have the test maker available.

How did we use

I chose to use for my 3rd grade for the review period; however, I will be using it for all of my children in the future!
Mercie loved taking the "tests" online. There is such a variety of tests available, and I chose to have her take some on the topics she needs a little extra help with. She took some tests on counting money, having multiple choice and fill in the blank answers. She also read some informational stories and answered the questions online. She enjoyed being able to see immediately how many she got correct {only when she didn't miss any, ha!}.

I also printed off some of the informational stories to put in her reading notebook, so she has one or two a week to read and answer the questions for.

I plan to use this website with my older kids, as well. I think I will assign them each a test or worksheet to complete online once a week. I have also been looking over the lessons, and I may assign them a few lessons online to complete each week. There are so many possibilities for using this website.

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