Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekly Recap #10

I cannot believe how quickly our school year is going by, and it's only the first week of August! Mercie and Silas have completed 6 weeks of school, and Mikaela and Eli have completed 4 weeks!

In Story of the World, Mercie and Silas learned about Hammurabi, Shamshi-Adad, the Babylonians and the Assyrians. We also read the Story of Gilgamesh. They did mapping activities and coloring pages. It was relaxing not to have any extra activities this week!

In Apologia Astronomy, we are learning about the sun. We have learned many facts about the sun and completed several fun experiments and demonstrations, like melting butter with a magnifying glass and learning how the earth revolves and rotates by pretending to be the earth!

Silas- 1st grade:
  • completed four lessons in Jolly Phonics, with Friday for review
  • can read three letters words much easier, but still has trouble with four letter words
  • reviewed addition facts to 10
  • learned to add three digits to 10 {3+4+2}
  • is getting much better at writing and recognizing numbers 1-10
Mercie- 3rd grade:
  • completed Lesson 10 in Learning Language Arts Through Literature {we started the end of 2nd grade}
  • practiced column addition with three and four digit numbers
  • learned to estimate three and four digit numbers to add
  • wrote several entries in her new Writing Journal {more on this next week}
  • read Junie B. Jones books
  • worked on Rosetta Stone Spanish and Typing Instructor
Eli- 6th grade:
  • completed his book study on "Carry On, Mr. Bowditch" in Learning Language Arts Through Literature
  • completed nearly 30% of Khan Academy for the 6th grade level {will be starting Principals of Mathematics soon}
  • learned about surface observations and upper air observations in science {Intro to Meteorology and Astronomy, Masterbooks}
  • read about William Penn, Roger Williams, and Peter Wilbur in history, completed timeline and mapping activities as well as Student Workbook {America the Beautiful, Book 1}
  • started Module 4 in Writers in Residence
  • started reading "The Bronze Bow" for language arts
  • worked on Rosetta Stone Spanish and Typing Instructor
Mikaela- 8th grade
  • completed the Poetry Unit {lesson 9} in Learning Language Arts Through Literature
  • completed chapter 11 in Principals of Mathematics
  • learned about the physical ocean in science {Intro to Oceanography and Ecology, Masterbooks}
  • read about the Vanderbilt's, Theodore Roosevelt, the National Mall and Cathedral, the Landscapes of National Glacier Park, and the Artic and Natives of Alaska in history, completed mapping and timeline activities, as well as Student Workbook {America the Beautiful, Book 2}
  • worked on Module 12 in Writers in Residence
  • just finished "The First Four Years" {Little House Book} and is reading "Heidi"
  • worked on Rosetta Stone Spanish and Typing Instructor
Titus is in preschool, and we skipped school this week. I ordered him the Biblical Beginnings for Preschool from Masterbooks, and we are awaiting that to come in! He needed more than what I had planned for him, as he just devours information and books and demands more work!

Biblical Beginnings for Preschoolers

How was your week?


  1. You are off to really great start! I'm not ready to start up again (still have posts to catch up on), but I hope to be by the end of August. Enjoying reading your updates though - reminds me that I need to pull out of neutral and put it in gear soon. :-)

  2. We're putting off starting our "new" school year until Oct. this year but we're still working through extra math, spelling and reading.