Friday, August 12, 2016

Homeschooling 101: Encouragement

Today is the last day of the August BlogHop with the Schoolhouse Review Crew, and the topic is encouragement. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite homeschool encouraging quotes and why they are important to me.

I am so glad we can homeschool our children, as I believe it prepares them for the real world much better than public school can. Homeschoolers learn to interact with people of all ages, from babies and toddlers to elderly people. My children are used to having conversations with adults, as well as entertaining babies and young children.

I am so glad I can homeschool my children so that they will be original and unique people, not copies of the children at school. I want my kids to dress how they want to dress, listen to the music they like, watch the shows that they enjoy, play the sports they love, and do the hobbies that they are good at. I don't want them to try to conform to everybody else and be popular. I want them to be who God wants them to be.
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I am glad we have the opportunity to travel with my husband while homeschooling. My kids have been to or driven through over twenty states. We get to see different parts of the country, different landscapes and landmarks, and meet many different people. The world truly is our classroom for much of the year!

I am so blessed to be able to choose how to teach my children. They don't have to try to fit in a "one size fits all" school, but they can learn and grow and experience in the ways that work for them.

I am so glad that my children can go outside for much of the day. When the weather is beautiful, they aren't cooped up inside a classroom. They can chase butterflies, listen to birds singing, and watch the wind blow. We can watch a storm, pick wild flowers, and observe ground squirrels. We can go on walks, ride bikes and collect rocks.
  As a homeschooler, I can focus on the most important things in my child's education - their spiritual growth! I can teach them the Bible and character qualities. I can instill in them good habits that will last a lifetime. I can form relationships with my children. We can pray together, laugh together, and grow closer together.
I am so blessed that God has led me to homeschool my children. I am so thankful that my husband supports homeschooling {even more than I do sometimes}. I have learned so much in the years I've been homeschooling my kids, and I am so thankful I have had this opportunity.
When homeschooling gets tough, and it will, just ask God to remind you of why you started homeschooling, the many blessings you've received because of it, and what the end result will be if you continue to homeschool.
It's a adventure, and it's a journey. I'm so glad I'm not missing it!


  1. This is lovely and those are some fantastic quotes. Some I had heard but most I had not. Love it! - Lori

  2. Thank you for the homeschool encouragement. I'm quite behind in blog visits and comments but "sloooooowly" getting through them.