Monday, August 29, 2016

Linton, ND, I'll Miss You

Our time in North Dakota is coming to an end! My husband's job is nearly over. We should be heading home to Louisiana in a week! We have really enjoyed North Dakota. The town we were staying in was awesome. We were attending a little Baptist church, and it blessed us in so many ways! The Sunday School class was on spiritual warfare and wearing the full armor of God, which is exactly what I was needing to learn. We met a super nice couple - the town vet and his wife - who invited us over for dinner and horse-riding several times, as well as taking us to eat pizza after church and just befriending us. This is the first time we have met people that felt like family to us. We will greatly miss this town.

Our kids even got an article and picture in the town newspaper! There was a huge storm with tornados that swept through the trailer park a few weeks ago. There were tons of trees down, and even more branches and limbs all over the park. The kids and I, plus another mom and her two kids, helped picked up limbs and branches for days. We piled them up into different piles for the park managers to haul off. Little did we know, the park manager contacted the newspaper! They even treated us to pizza for helping out. I told my kids that we don't do things to be recognized or rewarded, but it sure is nice. They were super excited.

Mikaela sprained her wrist a few weeks ago doing squat thrusts. We thought it was broken, and so did the doctor and nurse! Luckily, it was just a bad sprain. She wore a splint for a few days, and she is completely healed now.

We tried to take plenty of pictures in this beautiful part of the country. Mikaela has officially outgrown me! She is 5 foot 3, while I'm still 5 foot 2. According to her X-rays, she isn't through growing yet. She is a beautiful young lady with a beautiful heart.

We will truly miss Linton, North Dakota.

But I am ready to get home!


  1. How special that you made the local news for helping. It sounds like you have many fond memories.