Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Spiritual Circle Journal {TOS Review}

My 11 year old son, Eli, has been using the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens the past several weeks as part of his quiet time. This special journal for kids and teens is produced by the Spiritual Circle Journal, and is intended to give kids more direction on how to have a fulfilling quiet time.
This journal is 94 pages. Sixty-five of these pages are journaling pages. There is one for each week of the year, plus a few extras. There are 16 summary pages in the back of the journal. These pages can be used to record lessons learned or important Bible verses.


Each of the blank journal pages look the same. There are 9 different graphics to guide your child as he uses this journal. I'll briefly describe each of the 9 graphics.

JOURNAL ENTRY {JE}: What are you thinking about today? Anything making you excited, stressed, happy, or sad?

CONFESSION {C}: Anything you should say sorry for?

PRAYER {P}: Need help or guidance with something? Anything bothering you?

LYRIC/VERSE {L/V}: Has a line of a song or Bible verse caught your attention?

GOD MOVING {GM}: Have you noticed God doing something in your life? "Coincidences" or "it just so happened" moments? Dots connecting? Things you didn't make happen? Glimpses of God's amazingness?

THANK YOU/ADORATION {TY/A}: What can you praise or thank God for?

MESSAGE {M}: What is the most important thing you learned from your devotional, Bible reading, Sunday school class, or sermon/mass? Any words, verses, phrases or themes repeated lately?

LESSON LEARNED LIGHT BULB MOMENT {LL/LBM}: Have you learned a life lesson lately or had a "light-bulb" moment? if you could do something over, what would you do differently or the same?

ACTIONS {A}: Anything God wants you to do for others? Something He wants to work on within you?


There are 16 of these pages that look exactly the same. The purpose of these page is to summarize what has been important throughout your child's journal. There are four ways to use them, which I'll describe briefly below:

LESSONS LEARNED: Writing down the most important and biggest things God has taught you by going back through your journal and remembering.

FAVORITE VERSES: Writing down the verses that have meant a lot to you. Use them to memorize or for fast recall.

GOD STORIES: Writing down what God has been doing in your life, connecting the dots and details of how He is working in your life.

CHARACTER PAGES: Studying Bible characters, one per page, you can see their strengths and weaknesses.


I am very impressed with the quality of this journal. The pages are thick and glossy, which make them easy to write on and hard to tear out of the journal. The spiral binding is a nice, black wire that won't unbind. The cover is colorful with a plastic protective page.

Eli uses this journal about once a week during his quiet time. He especially enjoys the "Light Bulb" graphic, where he can record lessons he has learned and "light bulb" moments from God. It takes him 15-20 minutes to complete a journal page. He likes how it combines a normal journal with a Biblical focus {his words}.

The first three pages of the journal are a parent/teacher/leader guide. It explains how to use this journal, the importance of your children keeping a prayer journal, the recommended ages, and the importance of living an examined life. These pages were helpful to me, as a mom, and I have decided to start my own prayer journal!
Check out the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids and Teens on Facebook and Instagram.They even have Spiritual Circle Journals for adults!

Spiritual Circle Journal

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