Thursday, May 19, 2016

Writing a Preschool Curriculum

I have been writing my own preschool curriculum for my almost 4 year old to use this year. Why am I writing my own? I've been asking myself that same question every time I decide to start over or change something up or when I can't find exactly what book I'm looking for. However, I am writing my own curriculum for many reasons.
  1. SKILL LEVEL. I cannot find a preschool program that matches Titus's skill level correctly. He is a very smart almost-4 year old, but we have not worked on alphabet letters or numbers yet. He can sing the alphabet song perfectly and count into the teens, but we haven't worked on fine motor skills such as writing yet. I want him to be challenged, but not to the point of frustration.
  2. LITERATURE SELECTIONS. I have many wonderful books that I want to read and explore with Titus. I find that choosing a literature based curriculum limits me to what books to read {Before Five in a Row or Peak With Books, for example}.
  3. HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES. Again, there are many hands-on activities I am just itching to do with Titus. He is very hands-on! But I find myself not liking or wanting to do many that I see in preschool curriculum. I know what will work for him, and what he wouldn't enjoy versus what he enjoy.
I am using this old book that I had as my theme guidelines, although I have to adjust a little bit.
I am planning one letter a week, with two books that match the "theme" of the week. For example, on letter B, our theme is balloons. Our two books are "Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon" and "The Blue Balloon". He will make balloon prints on a letter B, make a coffee filter hot air balloon, play a balloon matching game, make a collage with "B"s cut from magazines, and use our pattern blocks and Cuisenaire rods with their accompanying cards and activity book {among other things}.

We are also going to be using the Rod and Staff preschool workbooks and Developing the Early Learner workbooks.

I'm having a lot of fun writing and planning this curriculum! I plan to share this with my readers when it is completed!


  1. I'm sure that you will have fun with your preschooler :)

  2. 4 year olds are my favorite :) It's great you know how to plan just right for him.