Friday, May 27, 2016

Box Days!

To a homeschooling Mom, box days are the best days! Boxes have started arriving at our house the past few weeks, and I'm so excited to get started on everything! Here are a few of the goodies we will be using this year.
Two things we are adding this year that we haven't done in previous years are Spanish and Typing. The Rosetta Stone Homeschool Edition Levels 1-5 are on sale right now on for $189! That's over 60% off the normal price of $479. I was so excited, because I want my kids to know Spanish! I think I'm also going to use it. The Typing Instructor is a fun way to learn typing, and the oldest 3 will use this program. I also got it from for around $17.
Mercie and Silas will be using Winter Promise's The World Around Me science curriculum this year. I love the living books and hands-on approach to science that it offers. Mercie and Silas both respond well to living books and love to get hands-on with anything! Here are all but one of the books we will be using:
Mercie and Silas will both be using Story of the World, Volume 1 for history. I went through the book and created lesson plans. It was so much fun picking out activities and books for us to do with the lessons! I am slowly buying books from Amazon, about 4 a week, to go with SOTW. I plan to use the library, too, to create a book basket each week, but I love adding living books to our library, so I picked the ones I knew my kids would love and created a book list. I check off each book as I receive it in the mail.
We have gotten even more curriculum in, but this is all I'm posting for now!
I'm so ready to begin the school year!


  1. We love box days although they are becoming fewer and fewer as the kids are getting older but I still like to purchase something fun for the younger ones so they can have a box day (like the older ones did).

  2. We love our box days, too! We aren't really having one this year, but I am still trying to come up with something creative to be similar fun.

  3. Oh box day! My last "shopping spree" was all living books for history and chemistry, and they are slowly starting to trickle in. I'm so excited!