Monday, May 2, 2016

Different Science Curriculum for Four Kids? Yes, We Are.

I have promoted Family Learning on my blog quite a bit, and I still encourage and utilize Family Learning in our homeschool. But this year, we decided to go a different direction for my children's science curriculums {curricula?}.

Why? I was having a hard time teaching science to a 7th and 5th grader without going over my 2nd grader and Kindergartners heads. When I tried to teach it more simply, my two older kids were bored senseless. I tried adding some extra books for each child, on their level, but I found I was working just as hard to teach them all the same thing as I would be if I were teaching them all different things.

I am all for simple homeschooling but I don't want my older children to be slighted nor do I want my younger children to miss out on hands-on activities and fun learning.

So this year, I ordered all four of my children different science curriculum. Mikaela and Eli, who will be in 8th and 6th grade, will have a textbook-type science curriculum. I ordered them each a set from Master Books in the Wonders of Creation series. There are two textbooks and a Parent Lesson Planner in each set. They will work independently, three days a week, on their science. It counts as 1/2 credit, which is great for my 8th grader. Mikaela will be studying Oceanography and Ecology, and Eli will be studying the Weather and Astronomy. This series is for children in 7th - 9th grade, so the next year, they will swap books and I will order a new PLP for each of them {around $10}. Very cost effective!
Intro to Meteorology & Astronomy Pack, 3 Volumes The Wonders of Creation SeriesIntro to Oceanography & Ecology Pack, 3 Volumes The Wonders of Creation Series  -
Mercie will be in the 3rd grade, and she will be using Science Starters: Elementary Physical and Earth Science from Master Books. This is a 3-day a week program with fun experiments and demonstrations. It's geared for grades 3-6, so I am going to make it more simple for her by not making her do all of the worksheets and quizzes.
Science Starters: Elementary Physical & Earth Science (Curriculum Pack)
Silas has never had science, but he will be only be in 1st grade. I am going to use Winter Promise's The World Around Me with Silas. He will be learning basic science topics such as energy, force and water. This is a literature based program, which I love! Here are some of the books he will be using.


Do you homeschool science together? Separately? What curriculum are you using? Let me know in the comments! 

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