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Preborn Prodigy

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

    I had never heard of Preborn Prodigy before I was offered the chance to review three of their albums, but the company name was intriguing! Preborn Prodigy sent me three albums to listen to and review:
    Prayers and Blessings for the Unborn Child

    Preborn Prodigy Prayers and Blessings for the Unborn Child is a collection of scriptures, prayers, and blessings spoken over the unborn child in the mother's womb and set to very calming background music. The album declares health, protection, love, spiritual growth and guidance, identity and salvation over the unborn baby. The topics range from having no fear to eating healthy.

    Here are an example of the declarations on this album:
    "Child, if you ever question why you were born or if you ever wonder who you are supposed to be, this is what your Father in Heaven would say. My beloved child, I love you. I think you are wonderful. You mean so much to me. You are so valuable and I cannot imagine Heaven without you. I sent Jesus, my Son, to the earth for you." 

    "You are in the world, but not of it. You don't love this world or the things in it - the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of this life have no place in you. Your heart is set on knowing God and the power of His resurrection..."

    My thoughts: I absolutely love this album! I am very pro-life, and I believe that all babies are blessings from God. This CD affirms that to the unborn child and to the mother who is listening. I teared up several times while listening to this album, because there are so many children who feel like they were mistakes, or that they should not have been born, or that they have no value. I wish every child could hear and believe these truths about themselves. The album would  be perfect for a pregnant mother to listen to throughout her pregnancy, especially so the unborn baby can hear these blessings and prayers.
    Newborn Prodigy
    Newborn Prodigy Prayers and Blessings Newborn to 99 is very similar to Preborn Prodigy, except it is geared toward children already born. The blessings and prayers are very similar to the Preborn Prodigy album, except instead of future tense, they are present tense, with beautiful, calming music playing in the background.  The last track is a beautiful lullaby song! I could listen to that song over and over. In fact, that was my 12 year old daughter, Mercie's, favorite part! It was so soothing and absolutely beautiful to listen to.

    Here is an example of the declarations on this album:
    "We are so thankful that the Lord has placed you in our lives. We couldn't be happier to have you as our child. We were delighted on the day you were didn't happen by accident."

    "We are on the same team, and nothing can overpower you. I will give you grace and mercy as often as you ask. I have destined you to have an enjoyable and fulfilling life on earth...I will give you life everlasting and I will never change."

    My thoughts: I love this album just as much as the Preborn Prodigy, and play it while my toddler sleeps, and while my older children have quiet time. In fact, my 7 year old son came and asked me to listen to it one night before bed! It's so reassuring to hear the promises of God spoken to you. I hope my children will internalize these blessings and promises and realize how much God loves them and how much they are valued as my children and God's children. This album isn't just for young children, though. You could play it for your teenagers, adult children, or even for yourself!
    Math Prodigy
    Math Prodigy differs from the Preborn Prodigy and Newborn Prodigy albums in some ways, but is also very similar. The same soothing music plays in the background while the narrator presents various math topics in her calming way. The first track is called "Introduction to Math" and talks about the importance of math in every day life, different ways your child will use math every day, and different careers that use math. The remaining tracks include addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, and decimals and the order of operations. 

    Here is an example of this album:
    "When multiplying by nine, there is a tip we can use to check our answer, or product. The answers up to nine times nine total nine if we add the numerals together. For instance, two times nine equals eighteen. The digits in the number eighteen, one plus eight, are equal to nine."

    "Mathematics will open doors for you to the mysteries of the universe and make it possible for you to pursue the work of your choice. It can become so fun and interesting that some people choose to do math for a living!"

    My thoughts: I really enjoyed this CD as well. The narrator explains the math concepts very thoroughly. She includes many real-life examples of using math, as well as tips and tricks to help your child understand the concepts being taught. I am also going to play this album for my young children and my toddler, in the hopes that the basics of math will stick with them without even trying.  This album could be played for any child of any age, but children with little to no math knowledge would benefit from it the most in my opinion. Although it would also be great for a math review for older children or even adults.

    Overall: I love this collection of CDs. The narrators have very calming voices which are extremely easy to listen to. The background music choices are just beautiful - very relaxing and peaceful. Listening to these albums brought me a lot of peace in my spirit. Hearing the scriptures and blessings being declared over my children and even over me is very encouraging! There is a variety of scripture quoted, many of which I knew. I love praying scripture, so these albums were very affirming to me. I also feel like children who listen to Math Prodigy will truly understand and remember the math concepts presented.

    You can also go on the website and read about the founder, Sara Bumgarner, and how she got the idea for Preborn Prodigy. It's very interesting to read about her journey and the reasons she made these albums. She learned that the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind, and that our emotional and mental health affects our physical health. It made me more mindful of the thoughts I think and even voice, especially about my children. 
    These albums are available in for $14.99 each, and would make a wonderful baby shower gift for an expectant mother! You can visit the website and listen to a sample of the Preborn Prodigy Prayers and Blessings for Newborn to 99 album. The Prayers and Blessings for the Unborn Child and Prayers and Blessings from Newborn to 99 albums are available in 6 different languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Afrikaans, Hebrew, and German. Preborn Prodigy even has three more albums coming soon: Surprised by Baby, The Father's Heart, and Science Prodigy Volume 1.

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    1. Thank you for such a beautiful review!! I'm so thrilled you and your family are being blessed by them!!
      Sara Bumgarner

      1. Thank you for the opportunity to review these beautiful CDs!