Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekly Recap

This week, Titus learned that B is for Bible. He completed all of his worksheets and games happily. He loves playing the "Spinner Winner" game. He also loves using the Preschool Mom's Bible ABC curriculum! We practiced matching the uppercase A and B with the lowercase a and b using flashcards made from index cards. He used play-dough and some alphabet play-dough mats I have to make A's and B's, as well as pattern blocks and alphabet cards.

He also reviewed the numbers 1-4. He put the correct number of craft sticks on each flashcard. I love how he sorted them by color, too! He knows all of his colors {although he frequently gets red and green mixed up} and most of his shapes. He can count to 14, and then he goes crazy spouting off random numbers. :-)

Silas learned the -ag word family this week, along with the sight words "can" and "we". He practiced all of his flashcards from the previous 3 weeks as well as this week. We are very pleased with the Kindergarten Mom's "I Can R.E.A.D." curriculum! He really loves all of the worksheets, games, and cut and glue activities.

Included in the "I Can R.E.A.D." program is an interactive grammar notebook twice a week. I don't really think formal grammar is necessary in kindergarten, but we are still completing the lessons. He has learned what a noun, pronoun, verb and adjective is.

In math, we reviewed the numbers 0-20 using our place value village. He had to write his numbers almost every day, as well as review patterns and shapes. We use flashcards to review, also. I have him put them in order as well as make the number with the place value village. He absolutely loves Math Lessons for a Living Education. He calls it his "pig book" because of the pig on the cover. He will say, "Is it time for my pig book yet?" :-)

Mercie continued reading "Charlotte's Web" this week and completed the book study I've created for her {simple vocabulary and comprehension questions}. She has also been reading about spiders in a Nature Reader from Christian Liberty Press.

She started working in a Critical Thinking Language Smarts workbook this week {a review item that we are loving}. She is learning about syllables and how to break words down, which helps with learning to decode {spell} words.

She is also using Math Lessons for a Living Education. This week, she worked on subtracting with borrowing from the tens and hundreds place. She also reviewed reading and writing temperatures and simple addition and subtraction facts.

She completed a few worksheets on common, proper, singular and plural nouns. She also had ten spelling words this week. She wrote them each day - once in colored markers, once in sentences she made up, and a few times she just wrote them.

Eli learned how to find the least common multiple and add and subtract and multiply fractions in math. He worked on capitalization, adjectives, and synonyms in language arts. He read about Samuel Morse and the Morse Code, John Tyler, the Mississippi River, and Natchez, Mississippi in America the Beautiful.

Mikaela reviewed her chapter in math this week and had a test. In language arts, she learned about gerunds, categories, synonyms, homonyms, and antonyms. In America the Beautiful, she read about John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, the Great Salt Lake and Salt Lake City.

They both worked on Rosetta Stone Spanish this week. They had to write an essay and peer edit each other's essays. We learned about proofreading and editing in our Writing Workshop. We read about the Dominion Mandate and Biblical Stewardship in Ecology. We also read about the Puritans and Separatists, the trip to America on the Mayflower, and the Mayflower Compact as part of our Homeschool Legacy "Thanksgiving" unit study {review coming soon}.
{playing Bingo with sight word flashcards}

Mikaela started piano lessons this week. We bought her an 88-key piano keyboard to practice on since we don't have a piano in our home. Silas and Eli had karate twice this week, and they have been practicing for their tournament in Shreveport the first weekend in November. Mercie had gymnastics Thursday night, and Mikaela has AcTeens on Tuesday nights. We have a pretty busy week, but I'm glad my children can be involved in activities they love.
{working hard to write his letters}

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How was your week?


  1. Ah but you had a nice full week. :)

    What is AcTeens?


      AcTeens is a mission organization for teen girls. A lady at our church started the group.

  2. Wonderfully full week of learning. :-) I like how you list everything each child has learned during the week - makes you realize just how much is accomplished!

    Thanks so much for joining in at Homeschool Highlights - it's greatly appreciated!

    1. Thank you! I do like to see what we did each week. It helps me to see the big picture of our learning!

  3. Another wonderful week. My sons took piano lesson with a keyboard for a few years (until they stopped practicing and I refused to pay for anymore lessons if they weren't going to practice). It worked really well for them and it was nice to have something small enough to tuck under the bed.

  4. So nice to see your week in review. I'm hoping to post mine soon, but family & home life take priority and I've got grand daughter here with me today.

  5. I'm so glad you are enjoying our Bible ABC and READ programs! What a fun idea to post what your children are learning each week :) Blessings, Valerie